Attaining an Enlightened State

Answer: Alana, I have heard the comment many times that "Enlightenment is a Joke". Could you please give some spiritual insight as to what this really means and if it is true?

Question: Thank you for your question. Enlightenment really is not a joke, yet it is a joke. What Alana means is that moving toward an enlightened state is a way to achieve a sense of peace within. In addition, it is a way to achieve a joyful heart and the way to find alignment with all of our inner parts. It is a symphony of expression that creates more and more lightness within the body and less and less attachment to our minds thoughts. (I am speaking collectively here.) What I mean by our minds thoughts is that our mind needs to be right or our mind needs to be wrong, or our mind needs to have this or our mind needs to have that. It does not mean that we go without. We still have preferences. We still take care of ourselves. We do behold ourselves with self-love and we recognize a certain humbleness.

We will recognize that as we become lighter and as we laugh more we will have more joy. As we take life less seriously, as we become more vulnerable to possibilities and see how the universe brings us surprises, we will move into a place of beholding more. Then an enlightened state of being will follow. It will flow within our body, within our emotions, within our mind, within our heart. This expression has much to do with creating a way to allow one to move into a lighter state. This is where one recognizes that an enlightened state of being is not this serious thing that we do. It is about this precious state of being, the allowing of light and joy to move and create a vibration through our whole body.

Yes, enlightenment is a joke, but no enlightenment is not a joke. When one has attained an enlightened state one will have great peace and that is not a joke. To recognize that this all inclusive state of consciousness is a joke creates a space within to have more peace and to create less seriousness regarding attaining it. That makes it easier to recognize. So thank you for this precious question.