Career Change

Question: I am working as a computer specialist. As hard as I try to get out of this field, I am thrown back in it in order to make a living. I am a Reiki Master and just attended a workshop called "Heal Faster After Surgery." I would love to be in healing work. I am told by my spirit guides to stay where I am. I don't understand why at this point.

Our city is traditional and very slow in accepting alternative medicine. I am on a council for alternative medicine, and my hope is that I will be used by traditional doctors, but it is so slow. I also often seem to feel I need one more credential or one more certificate.

My question is, should I quit work and go back for my Master's Degree, or stay with the Federal Government and slowly continue my healing on the side? My job requires that I pursue more technical credentials, and I am torn as to which way to go.

I also need a name for my healing workshop for surgical patients. How about the name "Touched Wing"?

Thank you so much.

Alana's Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for your question. There are many questions within this question and Alana will go to what feels like the most essential information. In other words, it may not seem like I am answering all of your questions, but my intention is to give you some guidance that will help you answer them all. Okay?

First of all, your vibration is one of much love and much light. You have a grand purpose within you to spread light wherever you go. So dear one, no matter what arena you are working in, you will find ways to share your healing vibration. Recognize that credentials are created for the mind. Credentials are created for the system. To heal and share light a being needs no other credentials than what is imprinted within their soul. You have all that you need, dear one.

Yes, we do live in a physical reality where there are certain structures. Alana feels that as you move the resistance from your nature and begin allowing the universe more creative freedom, the universe will be able to give more back to you. When we have to figure everything out before we take a step, it limits our ability to receive. You do not need to figure it all out first.

What Alana suggests is to begin by turning towards that which you choose to create. Make your life a living expression of what makes you happy.

It is true that you need to maintain your comfort. But bit by bit, each day, as you surrender to what you love, you are going to find that income will find ways to come to you. D you see?

Regarding your business name, Alana senses the name "Touching Wings". When I heard "Touched Wings," it translated to "Touching Wings" for me. Make the name an expression of what someone will receive. Make the name a benefit of what they will get to embrace by working with you. Alana feels that you are doing your work. Healing is something that is very natural for you, and it does not have to fit within a certain box. You already have everything within you to begin to move. Just get out of your own way. In other words, allow your mind to relax and trust that you have the wisdom within you, because you do. Begin by allowing yourself to express. Go where your intuition and imagination want to take you, and people will show up. They will feel your vibration. As you begin to become more of who you are, you will begin to vibrate and people will gravitate to you. Things may seem slow to you, but you never know what can show up! When you make a commitment within to feel your essence fully, the outer world will then begin to mirror that back to you.

So, first of all, dear one, relax. You do not really need to do, do, do. All you need to do, is begin being. Day by day, baby step by baby step, relax into the expression of who you already are. Then you will find your other world will begin to manifest more and more of what you want.

Thank you for this question, dear one. You are very much appreciated.