Healing Vocations

Question: I am concerned about my true calling. I am a healer. I don't know which way to turn and I need directions, help, or spiritual guidance. What can I do to begin the work I feel strongly I am here to do?

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana is so excited that your nature is awakening to the possibilities that lie within you and that your healing vibration and healing energy is coming forth. It is interesting to look throughout the world and see so many different forms of healing that transfer healing energy, including the ones that become vocations.

Alana encourages you to just begin. In other words, follow your instincts and your intuition. Begin to do what feels natural to you. Your mind will step in and ask, "Am I doing it right? Should I do it this way? Should I do it that way?" Alana suggests you allow your mind to ponder, but then take a nice deep breath and say, "If I could just imagine how to direct my energy, what way would I do it?" Then begin and follow your instructions. In other words, you have the knowledge within you. Within, you already know what to do. So just begin doing what feels natural to you. Recognize that when you have the awareness that it is time to devote some of your energy in a healing direction, the "how to answers" will follow. Just keep asking and following your instincts. Follow your intuition.

You also could go to your bookstore or library and begin to read possible ways to educate yourself. Follow the education as a guideline, and remember to continue to follow your own instincts and nature. You see, everyone has their own way to transfer light, love, energy and healing vibrations. This is an individual expression. We can use a model to get started but as we become comfortable in our own natures, then our individual pathway to translate healing expresses from us.

Recognize dear one, that what you become is a vessel. What you become is a vehicle. By allowing yourself to be this vehicle, the willingness of allowing creates the occurrence. Therefore, you really do not have to do anything but open yourself up to love and light. Be the vehicle and the healing will be done through you.

Thank you, so much dear one, for the willingness to allow yourself to be a delightful vessel. Alana appreciates your question and wishes you well. Thank you dear one.