Career Changes

Question: I am waiting to hear about a job that I have applied for and dearly want to get as I make a career change. I am confident of my chances of getting the job but it is the first time I have made an active choice about my career. Usually I just coast along and let "fate" step in. I want to control my career, but I still feel a fearful about being responsible for the results of my choice. What is the best way to deal with this unproductive energy? I would appreciate some career guidance to help me through this.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing forth this question regarding the fearful energy you feel around your career change. Holding fearful energy is a very interesting subject. It is a greatly misunderstood subject. People usually feel that fear is something they must overcome, shove into the corner, or sweep under the rug. However, it leads us to a great opportunity.

When we surrender and allow ourselves to feel these uneasy feelings, it actually becomes an incredible directional pointer. It can point us in a direction to help gain greater understanding of what is important to us. It also helps us find many benefits. As we pay attention to our fear, our values, needs, and desires come forth.

When you feel fearful in your body, emotions, and mind, it can feel like many different things. It can feel like the fear of rejection. It can feel like the fear of success. It can feel like the fear of not being successful. It can feel like the fear of abandonment or separation. This blocked energy can be about many things. We can ask ourselves the question, "Why am I feeling this fear?" Or, "What is this energy trying to tell me?" The answers usually point us to something we wish to heal. Experiencing our fear is a grand opportunity. Feeling our fearful energy gives us many opportunities to recognize our skills, to remember that we have power and knowledge. The more we learn to trust ourselves, the more the fearful energy lessens and we become more comfortable with our nature.

Alana suggests that you look into your career and choices--that you continue to pay attention to yourself. Ask yourself what you really want and value. Keep turning in that direction. As this uneasy energy comes up, always ask yourself, "What is this fearful energy wishing to teach me?" By doing this, you will find satisfaction. You will remember that you are very competent and skilled. Fulfillment wants to come into your life. Alana feels that is why you are making more choices in a defined way, as well as opening doors to greater possibilities.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates this question, as it will help others to understand the nature of fear.

-- Alana