Earth Cycles and Global Warming

Question: We hear all kinds of doom and gloom about our planet. The Green House Effect is one. How do we know that global warming isn't just one of the many long term cycles the earth goes through?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for your concern and your question regarding this beautiful planet. Your question is one that does address a couple of issues. They are occurring simultaneously. So yes, Alana could communicate and say, "Yes, our planet is going through a cycle." What coincides with the cycle that the earth is going through is that, the greenhouse effect is a co-creation. It has come forth from a cycle within the planet. This cycle that the planet is going through is a cleansing cycle. It is one that desires to release elements that are connected to the planet or are part of the planet or are within the planet, that hold a vibration that is out of alignment with the earth vibration.

The greenhouse effect is a co-creation from the earth's intention to heal and man's intention to dominate their environment. So the two have come together to both manifest a cleansing time. Now, projecting into the future and communicating, what Alana feels may be an outcome may be something like this. It could appear as mankind waking up to the impact man has on nature, and the results of seeing nature apart from one's self. Then mankind may act accordingly. The earth may begin to eliminate incompatible vibrations from itself, so you may see these two creations appear simultaneously. Hopefully, this gives you some understanding of how the dynamics are occurring simultaneously, and what the probability will be from it.

Thank you, dear one.