Spiritual Beings and Human Beings

Question: Alana, I have noticed in your responses to questions people ask, that the individual is referred to as a being. While I have personally accepted the fact of other planetary beings other than earthly beings, could you elaborate on the subject? If so what are the planets of origin and will mankind ever acknowledge this fact and co-exist? Thanks for your spiritual insight on the nature of being.

Answer: Dear one, thank you for your question. It is delightful to hear from you. Your question is a very good one that will help create clarity for many wondering what Alana talks about sometimes.

For Alana, beings are personalities. They are natures. They are consciousness within a body. They are living forces. They are vibrational natures. They are entities that co-exist together within all that is. Sometimes, a being will be like you dear one. You are a being. Sometimes it will be like Sandy being or Kirk being. Sometimes it is a physical body on earth that is an expression of individuality. Sometimes a being will be an animal, a bird, or a dog (for example). In addition, sometimes a being is collective consciousness that has a singular expression. Being is a word that Alana uses to describe an intention within a nature.

To answer your questions about other planetary beings, recognize that beings exist in many different dimensions as well. Some have bodies and some do not. As we look within this solar system, Alana can tell you there are beings within all, because a planet within itself is also a being.

Whether or not mankind will fully recognize what you call alien intelligence is an interesting question. In the past we already have, you see. We have engaged with alien intelligence in the past. The question is really, whether or not we will remember this. As we remember this, the question is, will we allow ourselves to sense it and know it again. To answer that, I would say there is a great probability. We are beginning to notice already, here on this planet, that we have new species of animals and plants emerging. In this vibration as well, we have species that we thought were extinct but are being noticed again. It is evident in looking at what is occurring in one's own planet that the probability is very great that it will occur in vaster ways. We are all connected.

Thank you dear one for your question. It was very delightful to answer.