Earth Changes in the New Millennium

Question: Can you tell me what you see energetically for earth changes in 1999 and will I make occupation changes as well.

Answer: First of all, I would like to thank you for your lovely question. Dear one, the earth is going through many changes. Yes? The year 1999 is a closure of a millennium moving to a new millennium. For the closure of 1999, you can expect power to be exposed. In other words, those who are misusing power will be put on the spotlight. Those who are also seeking control may be exposed. What Alana is getting at here, is that in a broad way, there is a deep intention to let go of individuality that wishes to be singular. Meaning, individuality that thinks it is separate from God and the whole, and acts as though it is. The truth is we cannot separate and what we do to another we also do to ourselves.

What we will see in the closure of this year, is exposure of this nature, of this quality. As we move into the year 2000 there is going to be a whole new vibration beginning to engage itself within the planet. It is already happening, you see, there is an overlap. In the year 2000, the vibration of the planet begins to seek co-creation and cooperation. People will begin to see that their individuality can be enhanced by recognizing one's connection to the whole. Alana would say that this is the most significant factor. This is the most significant aspect of this shift. It is the recognition that what we do to another we do to ourselves. Thank you for that aspect of your question.

Also to answer your individual question. I do feel that the more that you recognize your connection with all that is, the more you will move into a deeper and more expressive career element where you will also be satisfied. Thank you dear one for your questions.