Relationship of Luminous Outer Space and Earth

Question: Dear Alana, recently there was a report of a very large, mysterious luminous event in outer space. It was many, many light years out in space, yet we still received a small amount of the energy here on earth. My question is: Was that event sent to earth to aid us in our transformation to the new energy?

Answer: Thank you for your question dear one. I appreciate your desire to see our planet become more elevated within the vibration of peace.

To answer your question, yes, much is happening within the universe. Much is happening in what you call space. Also know that what is happening within space in the way of transformation, in the way of energy, in the way of light, and in the way of particles and vibrations is also happening within an individual. This is because we are one and interconnected.

So yes, dear one, we can definitely confirm that what appears to be happening outward will also aid and impact us inwardly.

Now whether or not there are Beings that are eager to "Fly to earth and aid earth in its transformation," well that may or may not necessarily be true in the way that some people see it. There are many ways we already interact since we are all one. What we can tell you is that we are all in this together. Therefore, how we interact, how we treat each other, and how we assist each other has significance for us all.

The more support one level of conscious evolution receives, like those of us on earth, the more support all levels of consciousness and life receive for their own beingness and evolution. When I use the term "evolution," I mean an awareness of becoming closer and closer to the remembrance that we are not separate and a remberance that we are all a part of each other. This part is what you might call great spirit, divine energy, love--any name that resonates for you as all-that-is.

Thank you for your question and for bringing attention to the fact that we are moving closer to an understanding of our divinity and our multi-dimensional natures.

Let us celebrate life, our oneness, and the beauty of our earth and time here.