Earth Axis Shift

Question: About three years ago I read that the world will experience a Shift Change (a change in Axis rotation) and that this will occur sometime between 2000-2030. There will be a jump for all humankind and animals into a higher consciousness. We will use senses we have never used before. There will be a dramatic change in the earth and life as we know it now will be different. Can you shed some light on this?

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you. Your question is very delightful.

Yes, there is much conversation going around the globe and going around the universe about the times to come. Alana feels that there is some definite evidence that more awareness is beginning to happen within the collective of humankind. Some of the alignments and shifts that are happening with the stars, the solar system, the planets, and universal energy is definitely having an impact on the earth. This is because, you see, we are all connected. What happens on one end of the universe also effects the other end of the universe so to speak. Because really it is all happening within a spiral pattern. Therefore, a creative expression ripples through all.

Yes, I feel that consciousness is beginning to shift. If you look at the last 2,000 years in our evolution you will see that our vibrations are becoming more and more aware. You can see that science and spirituality are beginning to co-mingle its energies. As science and spirituality become closer and closer to finding their pure connection and seeing that an awareness of God is also an energy that can be felt, seen, and traced, our senses are going to become expanded, and a greater sense of self will occur.

Alana feels that we are already consciously beginning to see that we are more than a physical body. People are starting to sense their non-physical aspects. Some examples are beginning to see auras, recognizing that we can heal through thought, and sensing that the other side is really only divided by our perceptions. Therefore, we are getting closer and closer to recognizing our grander selves and bringing more resources to us.

As we bring in more resources, our senses become more expanded. Yes, it does seem like the world changes. But really, the world and all that is, is always the same. It does not change. We are elevating our vibrations. Therefore, we are beginning to see more of who we really are. We are beginning to tap into the resources that are present all the time. It is like we're waking up, dear one. It's like we are seeing more, we are sensing more, and we are allowing ourselves to be more of who we really are.

Mother Earth is going through a shift too, and Mother Earth is healing the toxicity that exists within her. As Mother Earth heals, we heal. This is because we are all connected. If you want to truly feel your heartbeat, feel your feet upon the Earth and feel your connection with the Mother Earth. You will get a sense of how your heartbeat is connected to Earth and how Earth is connected to all that is. We are all one, no matter where we are, and we are all connected.

Thank you for your question. Alana hopes this has shed a little bit of light, or shall we say, brought more light to the subject.

Thank you, dear one.