Sept 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attack

Kirk: Aloha, this is Kirk and we have a special message for you from Alana. Today is Sept 12th, 2001, the day after the terrorist attacks on the United States. I am here with Sandy who is conveying Alana. Alana where would you like to begin today's session?

Alana: I, collective heart, would like to acknowledge the beautiful connections that I have been witnessing across the planet, in the United States, and throughout the world really, in witnessing and watching the collective vibration of heart. People are coming together in camaraderie, and supporting each individual, each soul, as they process their painful feelings and the reality of losing loved ones.

Alana is seeing the many prayers that are being received by those transitioning to the other side, as they join their loved ones and are aided by a host of angelic helpers. So, I want to acknowledge this beautiful light, the beautiful energy, that is forming, that is brightening, that is expanding upon this planet by people surrendering to their hearts and making a conscious determination to turn toward love. This is a very profound time, and the incredible difference people are making by concentrating their energy into heart-full expressions is very monumental.

Kirk: When you look at this tragedy in the physical world, what kind of effect is this having for we as a people?

Alana: Kirk, as you know, we are one. Therefore, anything that happens to one individual--whether it be just reaching over and holding one person's hand, or smiling at someone, or a terrorist attack such as this--effects so many thousands of people's lives. It all ripples through the whole. All people are vastly impacted by a small gesture, or something as significant and vast as this. So the impact of this catastrophe is rippling through the whole collective of human nature, as well as the collective of all hearts.

Kirk: I cannot imagine being a person in one of these buildings that one of the planes crashed into. Many of these people were immediately blasted through to the other side; their lives ended. I am wondering what that is like from their perspective, what their crossing over has been like, and what kind of help they have been receiving.

Alana: Thank you Kirk for this beautiful question. I wish all to be vastly comforted in knowing that the other side was very prepared for this incident. It was not that this incident was ingrained in stone to happen. But as you know, angelic vibrations are very close to those that they are guiding. As momentum for this incident began to form, there were hosts of angels forming around the city of New York--forming around the entire globe. These beings were there to help with the transition of those who moved to the other side. Not only did they receive a host of angelic helpers guiding them--looking into their eyes, letting them know that they are okay, that they are surrounded with love--but many, many family members that exist on the other side where there to greet them. They were there to hold their hands and bring them into the light. It then became quite an orchestra of light beings, human's transitioning into their soulful forms, and angelic vibrations.

I wish you to know that they are holding a beautiful light around the planet. They have formed a beautiful collective vibration of love to help ease the pain of those who are in the physical.

There are some individuals, that yes, are having more difficulty transitioning than others. But please do feel comforted that those in the non-physical realms are fully prepared, able, and capable to guide each individual in stepping into their natural elevated beautiful lightform. From there they will all find direction. They will all step into a place to support the elevation of this planet. And they will also guide each other to recognize the beauty and benevolence that exists within us all.

Kirk: Alana, I know the first reaction for all of us was shock. Then after that we have a range of emotions. I know that there are probably a lot of us that feel helpless. Some of us have been able to give blood. Others of us aren't sure quite what to do. Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are wondering how they can help?

Alana: Yes. Through the last nine years, we have spent time focusing on helping  people trust their hearts. Our focus (the combined work of Sandy, Kirk, and Alana-Heart) has been coming through the heart tone as "Alana" and working with you Kirk and Sandy-Being. We have been spending time cultivating a deeper connection with heart. In asking what individuals can do:

First of all, grieve your emotions and feelings; honor them.

Secondly, turn your attention toward your heart and ask yourself how each and every moment, each day, you can make a difference in brightening this world and bringing about greater expressions of love.

You see, we have been, let's say dancing around the periphery of our innate skills and talents. It is time now to "step up to the plate" (a Baseball metaphor), to step up and really become more of your authentic self. When Alana encourages you to ask, "How can this situation serve me," recognize that by looking at the devastation, this catastrophe, and what appears as a monumental historical moment, that we all have an opportunity to really focus and step into our personal power.

We are not dancing around the periphery any more. It is time to fully awaken, to wrap your beautiful arms around yourself, to give yourself the courage and strength to fully step into your personal power. There are so many vehicles--healing modalities, resources to help humankind--out there; ways that we can make a difference in invoking great expressions of love and light.

Each person has within them a natural seed inside of themselves, and they know what to do. It is about releasing our fear. It is about not dwelling on negativity for vast amounts of time. It is about acknowledging that yes, there is judgment, there are energies that appear to be evil. Yes, there are expressions that wish to do harm. Acknowledge that.

Then turn towards that which you choose to create.

Take courage.

Take charge of your life by surrendering to the gifts that are within you.

Allow your self-conscious fears--your fears of not being good enough or your fears that you are less significant than others--allow those fears to fall aside and take a risk to be grand. Take a risk to step into the kindness and the love that is in your heart. Remember a smile, a twinkle, a heartfelt emotion that connects one to another; it ripples, it moves, and it can make a monumental difference. We are in times now where it is important to spread the joy that is within you. The time is now.

Kirk: Thank you Alana. That is very clear. Is there any thing you would like to say to close?

Alana: I would like to acknowledge again the beauty that Alana can see from here in this planet. I know from today it may feel quite dark and gloomy. It may feel that the negative vibrations--the shadow side, the forces that appear evil or dark--are very vast.

But you must remember that within the seed of all darkness is light. Therefore, the potential for transformation is here for all.

Keep your focus on your heart. Continue to share the gifts that are within you. Continue discovering your authentic self. Continue stepping into your personal power.

Sure, some days you may feel afraid. Some days you may judge yourself as not being able or good enough. But give yourself the opportunity to experiment with possibility. Show lightness and play, take baby steps in a way, as you build momentum. You are all stepping into the vibration of very grand beings.

Alana wishes to thank you for sharing love, for turning your hearts toward love, and for caring for your fellow humankind.

Kirk: Thank you so much Alana.

This is Kirk, for myself and Sandy, who has been bringing forth this message. We hope that it has inspired you. And in the words of John Lennon, "You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

Aloha, Peace.