Astral Plane Travel While Dreaming

Question: This may sound off the wall, but please bear with me. There is a group of us who believe that a certain person (living) travels to us in our dreams of his own will and visits us often in sort of an astral plane. We sometimes have the same dreams on the same nights and often feel physically exhausted in the morning. We are convinced of this after a year of activity. We also believe that this man may be half fairy and would like to know if you have any information on this.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for this delightful question.

Yes, Alana can acknowledge that I feel when many people are sleeping, well everyone really, when they are sleeping go traveling about. We engage with many others in our travels, you see? When we sleep we move out of our bodies. We engage in relationships with many different people. Some of them being people in the physical. Some of them being spirits, angels, and guides, or those in the non-physical. We can have communications with those that are departed. We can also exchange with those that are still in body.

So yes, your question could very well be true. Now let Alana take a moment here and see if I can sense this person. Let's see if I can feel what you are talking about. (a pause) Well, here's what I feel. I feel an individual that is kind of curious, kind of what I want to say a busy body. A vibration that flits here and there, and here and there wanting to gather as much information as possible. It feels like a curious vibration. It feels that his vibration is actually one that wants to play and wants to play games.

Some of the exhaustion you may be feeling could be because of the amount of energy that is occurring through the, I want to call them, exercises. If when you awake and find your energy low, and if you decide that you do not want to continue engaging with this individual, then all you need to do is create an intention before you go to sleep. Create an intention that your vibration chooses not to play with this individual. Eventually, through intention, your nature will not attract the companionship of this individual in the astral plane, or the causal plane, or whatever plane that you are playing in.

So yes, dear one, we engage with many individuals in our dreams. We learn, we teach, we do many many things. But we can also redirect our dreams if we want to. We can even learn to have lucid dreams and be more conscious of our dreams. I know that there are materials that you can read that will support you in this as well.

Well, thank you for your question dear one, and Alana is glad that you brought it forth.