Recurring Dream with Same Person

Question: Ever since I was 12 I have had this same recurring dream. Every few months or so, or whenever I am feeling really low, I dream that a man (the same man) come to me holds me. He talks to me and makes loves to me. Then when I wake up the next morning I can't remember his face. All I remember is how his presence feels. Sometimes I wake up feeling like arms have held me all night. What is this a sign of or what is going on here?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question about dreams. Dreams are wonderful bridges and they definitely connect us with realms that we exist within and realms to where our non-visible parts connect. Often, within our dreams, we meet with beings that are our guides and our angels. Also, we meet with beings that are the higher natures, or the non-physical aspects of individuals that are in bodies as well. So, sometimes our higher natures get together, or aspects that are non-physical get together, and experience and play together.

As Alana feels this question, I feel a soul mate vibration that is in the non-physical and loves you and feels very connected and close to you. It also feels like a vibration of someone who is in the physical as well. It does not matter that you do not see their face. Because it is the feeling of the energy and connection, and love and care that is the most important and evident here. Alana feels that as you go through life you will come to bring about an experience in the physical that will very much remind you of this experience as well.

Love wants to be fully in your life. Love also is something that you can share through your dreams. So, bask in the vibration when it comes to you and enjoy it because the non-physical realms, like dreams, are also very, very real. Thank you, dear one, for this question.