Recurring Dreams

Question: Alana, I have been having a recurring dream concerning the death of my youngest daughter.

She is seven years old and in each of the dreams she is killed in some kind of car accident.

I was hoping you could give me some insight into the recurring dreams because they are very disturbing to me. I am wanting to know if a repeat dream is some kind of premonition. Thank you for your help.

Answer: Hello dear one. Alana recognizes how the concern of your question could really create much discomfort for you. Recognize that dreaming can teach us many things and it can also point us to possibilities.

Alana feels that your dream may be a leftover remembrance of a past life energy. Your dream is also here for you to pay attention to your thoughts.

Here is a suggested exercise to help ease you concern and discomfort.

First of all, go ahead and allow yourself to view this dream as a possibility. In other words, step into your dream and give yourself permission to pretend that it's true.

Experience your grief and your sadness, and experience the knowingness that your dear daughter vibration has passed to the other side and is now in a new form of light.

Allow yourself to embrace this dream as if it were a reality. Alana feels the resistance of these thoughts may partially be what keeps the recurring dream in place.

Allowing yourself to surrender to this as a possibility could generate healing. Know that surrendering to this thought does not mean that it will manifest. What you are actually doing by allowing the thought is dissipating the concentration of energy that holds the energy in a recurring state.

After you surrender to this dream, allow yourself to feel whatever comes into your body. This will serve your nature.

Ask your angels and guides to come and support you through the image of the dream.

After you have done this, hold your thoughts and see your daughter in full health, playing, happy and thriving in life. See the two of you together sharing fun times and images that delight you. Turn your attention towards these images and embrace her in your heart.

Always wish for another that which is the greatest and best for their highest good, and hold your daughter able to also create the reality that is for her highest good. Alana feels that much of what is happening from this dream is an opportunity for you to heal a past loss and to also help yourself dissipate the stored up energy and redirect the fearful thoughts.

Sometimes dreams such as this one are accurate premonitions, but Alana does not feel that your dream is necessarily a premonition. It feels more like left over energy that wants to be redirected and this exercise will help you do that. So dear one, embrace this exercise, and Alana feels that your dreams will dissipate and heal. Thank you dear one.