Discernment for Inner Peace

Question: Alana, is there anything you would like to say about the priceless gifts within each of our judgments?

Answer: Keep your faith and keep your heart open. When your mind gets confused, wants to blame, or judge, allow it to do so. Just remember to go one step further. Once the mind judges, or once that it blames, or once that it feels sad or confused, take your beautiful arms and place them around you. Give yourself compassion.

Once you feel connected with your heart, bring your judgment into your heart. Bring your sadness and pain, and allow your heart to hold it. Your heart is capable of holding the weight of many universes. Bring all into your heart. As you do, breathe in love.

As you bring in love and breathe in all that you feel--your judgments and thoughts--find the thought that has held you from your vision or your dream. Comfort that thought, accept it, and allow it to be. Now, turn towards that which you chose to create with all your might. Fuel your desires. See your dreams. Know within your heart that you are pure love!

Your being, your soul, seek expression that is vastly connected, and recognizes the beauty of your nature. Know that you are capable of manifesting and bringing forth any expression that will bring you joy.

Remember to chuckle. Remember to laugh. Remember to smile. Remember to share.

Remember this when you look at another and see yourself judge them. Perhaps you are judging them because they have not taken a bath that day or because their hair is dirty. Maybe it is because they drive a dirty car, or perhaps you judge them because they are not able with their bodies, or something is missing.

Take those thoughts and look at that person (or place or thing) you were judging. Now, bless them with love because within each and every soul, no matter how they choose to express themselves, there is a spark of love wishing to come home.

By doing this, you reinforce your connection to love and you also reinforce your ability to create. You have just held the individual you were judging as able.

Alana wishes to thank you so much for being the light that you are and for having the willingness to hold love-energy through all of life's lessons. Sometimes these lessons feel harsh, painful, confusing, or disconnected. But each one of you, as you move through life, as you hold this light--your unique candle of light--are assisting all.

Thank you very much, and many wishes for your days ahead to illuminate your light for each step on your path. Thank you!