Intuition Training and Chakra Balancing

Question: Recently I attended a gathering of a group calling themselves "lightworkers." During the course of the event, a "healing" session began. One of the lightworkers stood up and began telling the group that Spirit wanted them to know about the troubles and dangers laying ahead. She proceeded to tell one woman in the group that she needed to hug four family members because she would be "going to the light very soon." This woman burst into tears and seemed very upset. The lightworker also "anointed" a man for the battle ahead that he would surely win after much pain and suffering. The entire group, with only a few exceptions, appeared to be in a collective trance and in agreement with what was taking place. I was too stunned to do anything but leave at the earliest possible moment. When I addressed the issue to the facilitators, I was told that everything that happened was the way Spirit wanted it and was, therefore, perfect.

I am worried that the woman was given negative programming that was detrimental to her. Could you please address some of my concerns from what I experienced? What power do a group of individuals who hold a collective core belief have at group events like this. How do people discern if a "message" is truly from Spirit or is coming from someone's ego? Also, why do some people channel such negative information in the name of Spirit, believing that the information is helpful that others want to hear it?

Answer: A Note From Kirk: Alana very much appreciated this question and asked me to dialogue with her regarding this topic.

Kirk: Alana, when someone wants to connect with the spiritual realm, what do you suggest as the foundation for beginning this work?

Alana: Wonderful question. As we know, the spiritual realm is full of energies that wish to make their presence known to those in physical form. It is important when one wishes to connect with their guides, angels, and spiritual guardians that they do a type of ritual or prayer first. It's wise to begin by centering their energy, grounding to Mother Earth, and then connecting with the vastness of their heart.

When one extends their intuition and begins to blend and align with the spiritual realm, they can attract many different kinds of beings and entities. They can also connect with their guides, angels, and the spiritual guardians. The more that a person is grounded in their body and aligned with their heart, the more they will be able to connect to and express knowledge and wisdom of a high order.

When people first begin to open their intuitive resources, they can align with many different levels of spiritual beings, entities, and other forms of consciousness. Often, as they develop their skills, their ego nature will extend and reach into the non-visible planes and connect with beings on the astral plane. There are many different types of entities present there. We must remember that just because an energy is non-visible and wants to say something while it exists in spirit, it doesn't necessarily mean the being is without an agenda or wishes to convey information that is in alignment with the highest and best good.

A person actually goes through a discovery process as they learn to truly connect with their hearts and convey the various levels of spiritual information. People often begin by channeling from their solar plexus, or their judgment/discernment center. This is where they gather information that is based on polarity perceptions. From this place of gathering, they do not necessarily reach into the spiritual realms where sources are available to relate unbiased information. Instead, they may draw beings that are eager to transmit information from their reality, but which may not be heart-based.

In contrast, no harm will ever be done if a person stays grounded, centered, and connected with their heart. Gathering information from the non-visible planes in this way gives the conveyor and receivers of the information a great opportunity to learn discernment without diminishing their own knowledge. There is a learning curve in being fully aligned with the heart center to bring in spiritual guidance that is truly benevolent. After practice, people are much less apt to draw in the more fear-based types of energies.

Kirk: Is there a place for fear-based information? For example, let's say a source wants to inform of a perceived danger?

Alana: It depends on how the information is delivered. There are no absolutes. However, a spiritual presence that likes to bring forth predictions, and has an agenda for you, is never fully informed. In contrast, an angel or guide will subtly give you suggestive information through your intuitive senses, but will not interfere in your choices or destiny. When sending conveyed information through a human channel, a spiritual guardian will always give empowering suggestions. They never command, for a spiritual guardian knows you all have free will and that only possibilities and, less frequent, probabilities exist.

Kirk: That helps explain something that always used to confuse me. There were psychics that seemed to be totally accurate, but the information they were attuned to was mostly fear-based. You know, soap opera drama information like who is having an affair with who, whose going to lose all their money, and what kinds of disasters and calamities are going to happen. Is that because even though they have developed their ability to sense the non-visible planes, they are conveying from their first three chakras?

Alana: Yes. The place a person aligns in their chakra system will resonate with the kind of spiritual messenger with whom they will blend. As I said before, just because a messenger comes from one of the non-visible planes doesn't mean that messenger is all-knowing or benevolent.

Kirk: It dawns on me that if I was at a sporting event where forty thousand people where gathered in a large stadium, there would be a relatively small number of people that I would trust to give my heart-based advice. So it must be true that just because someone has passed to the other side and is existing in spirit, it doesn't make them an all-knowing being or someone I would want to receive advice from. Leaving the Earth plane and moving to the other side does not necessary cause a person to instantly become a highly evolved being.

Alana: Yes, that is exactly correct. Let me give you some ways to discern. Let's say that after you are grounded and centered, you reach into your heart with the intention to bring forth information. You will most likely draw to you a parallel resource who is also equally connected from the heart. There is a parallel realty in spirit too. The Earth plane intent and vibratory frequency will match the non-visible intent and vibratory frequency.

If you are with a group of individuals, and someone is bringing forth information from the spirit realm, you will want to check into their nature and see how devoted they are to their heart center. This will give you more information about the quality of information they are apt to draw to them.

Let's say you are with a group and there is a person that wants to be a channel and bring forward spiritual information to help humanity. If they are spinning with the energy of the mental realms, they will most likely draw to them an entity, vibration, or being that parallels with their perceptions. If they dwell on dualistic polarity thoughts, they may attract all kinds of negative information. The spiritual presence they blend with may want to connect with polarity thinking types of information, such as war, earth catastrophes, what they see as justice and so called truth, and other fear-based subjects.

Polarity-based information that is described as true, is only true from the limited perception of the messenger. It is not universal truth, although it will often be expressed in that manner. From the messenger's point of reference, it will feel true to them, and therefore, they will eagerly want to pass the information into the physical realm.

You can learn to discern by listening to the information while bringing it into the heart. If you feel disempowered, controlled, or commanded--or if the messenger seems to have their own ego-based agenda--that clearly points to a spiritual presence that is not necessarily plugged into the highest and best good. The receiver may also not be fully-engaged and aware of their own biases relative to the topic at hand. Co-creative situations such as these serve to build awareness and discernment.

When you connect with a true spiritual guardian, you will sense their intention is only to uplift, invoke clarity, and shine a light on the inner truths within the receiver. A true spiritual guardian of the highest order will not have an agenda. They will make their presence known through the intention of the questioner, and their desire will be to serve the highest and best order, which will never lead to the acceleration of fear-based thinking.

Kirk: The only agenda that we would want to connect with is the highest and best good of all concerned.

Alana: Yes. Now let's briefly discuss how connecting with departed loved ones can serve a wonderful healing purpose. (But make sure to remember that just because they are on the other side does not mean they are fully-enlightened.) There are so many beings on the other side who wish to connect and share. When a person decides to communicate with spirit, it is like putting up a television antenna. Once the antenna is turned on, a person has to decide what channel to tune to. Spirit beings can be quite entertaining, you know. And a person has to filter out (change the channel) on some of the energies, and tune in to others. Your heart-based intention will guide you toward useful channels.

Kirk: I have learned from past experiences that the energies on the other side who are creating negative drama will often provide some amazing information. Sometimes ninety percent is helpful, but the other ten percent creates fear. I have learned from you, Alana, that energies may actually feed off of fear that is generated by the information they express in the same way a parasite drains resources. We need to be very clear on our discernment. Just because we're impressed by some piece of accurate information they share, doesn't mean all the information is something we should necessarily accept.

Alana: Correct. If you are dependent upon another entity for your truth, then something is out of alignment. True spiritual guidance does not want to create dependency. Rather, it wants to ignite and empower your own ability to connect with that which is the highest and best for you.

Kirk: I like how you put that. Alana, let's say we have a group of people who are gathered together listening to someone conveying information, and they perceive their source is an evolved spiritual messenger. (A similar scenario to the original question above.) However, the information is actually very fear-based, the participants accept the information as truth, and the fear escalates. Does this harm anyone?

Alana: It certainly suggests that there is a collective agreement between those participating in the event to learn through contrast. It also suggests that those present have a choice that is presented as an opportunity to learn personal empowerment. Perhaps they have co-created a situation that will be painful where they will have to relearn how to connect to their own inner wisdom.

Kirk: So, this situation is just another form a person might create where they allow fear to dictate their perceptions. Sometimes we learn the fast and easy way. Sometimes we learn the long and hard way. It's all learning.

Another thing I want to mention before we close concerns the chakras. Clearly, there are no good and bad chakras, since each of the seven energy centers are an intricate part of the whole. Would you like to share more information on the seven chakras and the potential expressions of each in another session?

Alana: Yes! Alana will be happy to do that. We can communicate the kinds of energies that parallel between the spirit world and physical vibration. This would help people understand the many different levels of wisdom available to them. It is not that the lower chakras are bad and the higher ones are good. They just signify the different types of information.

Kirk: Is there anything you would like to say as we close?

Alana: Exploring this subject matter has been a wonderful opportunity to help create greater levels of support, connection, and clarity with our beautiful spiritual messengers. With great appreciation and thanks, Alana extends the warmest wishes for peace, joy, and love. I wholly thank the person who suggested this topic.

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