Balancing Destructive Behavior

Question: When things seem to be going good for me, it seems like I wish for bad things to happen. I don't understand, but it is like I have a self-destruct button. An example is, I am on a diet and doing real well. Then when I notice how good I am doing, something inside makes me eat more. It is like I don't allow myself to be fulfilled. Why do I act out this destructive behavior?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for this marvelous question.

Within us we are a dichotomy. In other words, we have many aspects seeking different types of expression. As we learn how to balance our many parts we live a much more effective life.

Therefore, one of the things that is a life mission for individuals is to begin getting all of their inner aspects communicating; to eventually create a harmonious environment within. However, since we have many different parts and aspects, we often find that some of our inner natures create disagreements. This happens especially when we have not yet come to a place that fully recognizes that we all of our inner parts are really all connected. That we are one. Therefore, what one aspect does affects the others.

Alana suggests that you first find a place within yourself that can allow you to ease up on judging your nature. In other words, find the part of you that judges, or the part of you that judges the part that judges. Okay? Then go into this wonderful part and say, "Relax a little bit." In other words, tell your judgment to relax and let you take some time to hear what these resistant parts, or the parts that seem destructive, or the parts that do no want you to be happy and succeed, have to say.

You see, there is a truth that says, "What you resist persists." If you resist going into these aspects that feel negative, to really hear what they want to say, then they will talk louder and louder and louder. Then you will find a greater division within yourself.

We are wanting you to give a voice to the vibrations that seem at odds with what you want to positively manifest. We want to hear what they really have to say. As you allow them to talk and communicate, and you listen to what they say, they are going to feel more understood. They are going to begin to relax. You will eventually find that as they relax and feel more allowed, that they will surrender and create more bliss for you. This is because they will begin recognizing their great intention: to support you, rather than keep you from having what you want.

These thoughts are a very quick introduction to a marvelous workshop that Sandy, Kirk, and Alana have created. It is a process that takes judgment, moves it from limitation into discernment, and then into creativity. In time we will definitely share more of this process.

For now, dear one, just allow yourself to feel all of your parts. Give them permission to have a voice. This does not mean that you necessarily have to act upon the limitations. It only means that you are giving them a voice so that they can begin to relax. As you take these steps, you will find that your parts will begin to integrate much more. They will recognize that they are really all one. They will sense that they exist within you, that you are a soul, and that your soul is connected to All-That-Is.

Thank you, dear one, for this question. Alana appreciates it.