Decision Making and Life Purpose

Question: I would appreciate spiritual advice on something that would help me with my life purpose and career. I have a hard time with decision making because I have conflicting beliefs. On one hand I have beliefs that tell me we create our own reality. Then I also have beliefs that tell me we have set paths that determine our experiences in this life and the work we wish to do. To me, this is a very important lifetime for us all find our life purpose.

My problem is this: when my intuition provides an answer from the universe that does not make my heart sing, should I follow the lead or follow my other belief that states that we create our own reality? I feel torn between my faith in the universe to lead me, and my power to create.

When do I follow, and when do I lead? Do you have any advice for me that would help me affirm what to do?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana feels that your question will help many people by giving them a spiritual model for making decisions and a way to create affirm that they can trust their feelings.

When we are confused, we have an opportunity to practice discernment. Confusion comes when we are at a place of learning a new definition about the beliefs that exist within us. We are at a place of redefining our old beliefs, and then creating new beliefs, ones that are more suited to our new discerning direction.

Alana feels that you are creating greater ways to distinguish between what your heart is saying, what your head is saying, and what outside influences tell you.

We exist in a collective environment. When we take a step in our lives--in the environments within which we exist--we are definitely impacted by those same environments. Our environments include the collective, like thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values. They bring us what they have to offer. And at the same time, we have intentions within us that fuel our lives, and impact the environments within which we exist.

The clearer we are about what excites us, brings us joy, and creates happiness for us, the greater impact we will have on our collective environments. Our environments will begin to mirror that which is within us, that which resonates with who we truly are.

As we listen to our natures, we learn to recognize that our minds are the part of us that ask many, many, many questions. Our hearts are the part of us that hear. Our minds will also listen, but mostly they'll listen to what they think is objectively true. They will listen to those things upon which they feel they need to take action. Our hearts are one with that which is inclusive of, and far beyond, our mind's limited perceptions of objective reality. They will point us back to something within us where all we need to do is be. They will say things like, "Be this expression, hold this intention, feel this delight."

Our hearts are really our fuel. They are the parts of us that assist us in manifestation. The doer parts of our beings are connected more to our minds. Our minds think that the outside world is separate from us. Our minds are the parts that try to see the world in an objective way. Since our minds think that we are separate from the world, they entice us to feel that we must do, do, do.

We can begin discerning that to which we are listening by noticing the actions we are being asked to do. If we are listening with our hearts, we will hear things like, "I must create through my state of being." If we are listening with our minds, we will hear things like, "I must go there and do that, in order to take my being somewhere that I am not, so that I can have something I need." When we listen with our hearts, we will know that we can be what we would like within, and then our outer world will bring to us whatever we desire.

When our minds aren't working in partnership with our hearts, they say, "Do, have, be." (As well-intentioned as our minds are, they often even forget the "be"!) When our minds are working with our hearts, they understand, "Be, do, have." It's not that there is no doing or having when we listen to our hearts. It's that the being comes first, and is always present, and then the doing and having flows from this place of delightful heart-mind balance. You may wish to create an affirmation for yourself acknowledging this wonderful heart and mind relationship.

Thank you, dear one. That was a very grand question. Alana appreciates that you brought it forth.

-- Alana