Companionship after Death of a SoulMate

Question: Alana, on January 2nd I lost my wife and soul mate. So far I am dealing with it okay. One thing we talked about was remarrying if one of us passed away. I didn't think I would. I have checked my chart and I do not see this any time soon. I am experiencing the need for a female companion to be with, talk with, and help me in many ways. I have two daughters to try and raise. I am somewhat confused by this because it has been only four months since she has passed away. I know she wanted me to remarry. But I think she may be somehow urging me in that direction but my chart shows this would not be a good direction during the next seven years. I think that I am looking for companionship. Also I am wondering if my wife is okay and if she is watching over us.

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana feels much connection and compassion to you and wishes for you to know that your wife vibration is doing well. Yes, it feels that she is still in a place of transition. And she is becoming more comfortable with her surroundings and is looking forward to possibilities for growth and potential in the form and space that she exists within now. It feels that yes indeed, she wishes you to have happiness. She does not want to hold you back from receiving love. She cares deeply that you find happiness and that your life continues being embraced with love.

It feels that you dear one, are in a state of recovery. What Alana means by this is that your senses, feelings, heart, and nature are healing, and feeling, and sensing the reality of what life is like in this new form that you now exist in. Right now, it also feels that friendship is very important for you. In other words, invite people into your life that can support you and be a friend who listens and shares ideas and possible inspirations. So, Alana suggests for you to create friends in your life and not really worry about whether or not they are going to develop into marriage. You see, marriage comes out of healthy, full communicative relationships sharing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The physical connection can mature from there. Dear one, begin by turning towards relationships in your life that can support you emotionally, spiritually and mentally and what will come out of this is a companion relationship.

Alana feels that you can look at your astrology chart, and determine this may not be an ideal time in some ways to create marriage. But you see, there are reasons that our charts may look a certain way. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to develop relationships that teach you something new. I would not negate possibilities because of the way your charts looks. I would reinterpret it to mean that relationships are going to take a new form and manifest in new ways. Therefore, ahead of you are great new opportunities to grow and expand.

So dear one, open your heart to friendship and allow others to connect to you and support you as friends, and from there you will manifest much love. Thank you dear one for your question.