Life After Death Communication

Question: Dear Alana, I have been learning about life after death and that our loved ones can send us signs from the afterlife. This gives me peace

I want to know if you can tell if my brother is watching over us from the otherside? Is he still sending me signs that I haven't been picking up on? We did have a communication together last year through a spiritual medium and I also had a dream visitation.

I just want to make sure he hears me when I talk to him. This is very important to me, even if I cannot hear him, to know if he hears me.

Thank you Alana so very much.

Alana's Answer: Hello Dear One! Thank you for asking your question. Alana appreciates your desire for spiritual understanding as your nature opens and extends your heart into the nonvisible realms.

When we are alive we are visible. When we transform our vibration by dying and leaving our body behind, we move into a nonphysical realm.

When you think a thought, it is not physical. It does not have a physical form. However, this thought is of the same quality, made up of the same energy, as a body when it is without physical form.

It makes sense that your thoughts would bridge, blend, and become a part of the nonphysical world. Have comfort in knowing that your thoughts are felt by your dear departed brother.

Your brother hears your thoughts. A thought is an energy that exists through time and space. No matter where another party exists, your thoughts are received

Your brother picks up your thoughts and senses what you feel and send to him. He also wants you to know that there is nothing more important than the now. In other words, in your life embrace each moment. Live each moment and create what brings you delight. Look at all that is within your life. Be grateful for the joy you can create and attract. Be grateful for every experience. Experience teaches you and brings you in touch with the knowledge that lies within you.

There is a purpose within life, and there is a purpose within death. We continue to "be" no matter what form we view ourselves from.

We continue to grow and expand. There are always new goals to obtain. No matter if we are in a body or not in a body, we can still serve humanity and we can still make a difference.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Your brother hears you in the afterlife and he is connected to you. He is also moving onward with his goals and his ideas. Know that it only takes a thought to connect, even though sometimes you may not feel him next to you. Thoughts build bridges.

Thank you, dear one.