Do Dead People Have Emotions?

Question: My father past away on 23 February, 1996 when he died in a road accident. I want to know where is he now and if there is an afterlife? If so, what is he doing on the otherside? Does he still remember me and look over me? Do dead people have emotions? Do they feel the pain of leaving their loved ones behind?

Answer: Welcome dear one. Alana appreciates your question and your intention to connect with your departed father. Please recognize that we continue to exist when we move from the physical realm to the afterlife. We continue to hold an individual vibration but we become more aware of our connection to God because we have less distraction. In other words, it is as if we are a pure form of soul energy that is without mental confusion. We still hold within us a kind of memory that is like emotion, as well as caring for those who we love and who are dear to our hearts.

In sensing and feeling your father, it feels that his departure was somewhat unexpected to him. In other words, he did not feel it was time for him to let go of his earthly body. But he is adjusting well. He is feeling direction where he is now and is looking forward to things that he can do. It feels that he is taking an interest in what you would call medical technology. When we transform or we leave our body and move to the otherside, we can still continue education and gain knowledge. It seems that your father has much interest in medical technology and is looking for ways to create knowledge tools that will benefit those in life.

Your father looks over your shoulder but without interference. In other words, he does not want to interfere with your decisions. He does not want to influence your life. He wishes for you to make your own decisions and encourages you to aspire to your own dreams. In other words, live for yourself rather than become something that you are not for another. As you follow your own ideals, you'll develop your person in a grander way.Your father's presence is around you, yes, and he does hold you dear in his heart.

Thank you dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates what you have asked and hopes that this brings you comfort.

Thank you dear one.