Transitioning to the Other Side

Question: Alana, my Mom passed away last December 22nd, 1997 and I would like to know how she is. Could you connect to her spirit in the afterlife and give me some insight into her transition?

Answer: Hello dear one. Finding your mother on the otherside I sense that she is in a phase of discovery during this transition. She is in a new place she is looking about through her soul's eyes. She is wanting to get familiar with her surroundings. She does not quite feel settled yet because she is not exactly sure what to expect. She had a sense of where she was going; yet, in her body she had a little bit of fear of what to expect. Therefore, it feels like she is getting familiar with her surroundings and she is learning more and more about how to ask for what she wants. I think she could do that before. Alana senses that she aware that it is ok now, in her current surroundings, to have the things that would bring her joy.

She still needs a period of time for her to fully adjust. I can sense that she is doing quite well all and all. She does have others around her that are assisting her and helping her in this transition. As I feel her, I do get a sense that if she knew she could talk to you she would want to tell you that it is very interesting where she is. That she did not cease to exist. That she still, she wants to say, is alive and kicking! Even though she knows that she is in another form. She is excited because she still has existence and she is somewhat amazed that she has so many choices. I feel she thought that when she arrived on the other side. I feel she had a vision that her choices might be more limited. This does bring a bit of a quandary to her. She is well. She wishes you well and does want you to know that she is doing fine.

Thank you dear one for your question.