Communicating from the Afterlife

Question: Recently you confirmed that my wife and I were soul mates and that we would be able to reconnect again in another lifetime. This has brought me to another question. Can my wife and I communicate? If we can communicate, can it be done during her transformation period or would it be after this time and how would we communicate?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. It is wonderful to hear from you again. You know, your question is a delightful one because it also is a question that is about people wishing to talk with their spirit guides.

You see, departed loved ones, angels, and spirit guides all exist within the non-physical realms. If you want to communicate, talk, and be in connection with any of the non-physical vibrations, the first thing to do is intend. The first thing that you do is get your mind set and your being in a place where you are well nourished and taken care of. This way your vibrancy is centered and balanced.

Create an intention to communicate. An intention is actually like a prayer. It is like a message being sent into the universe and then it is posted on a big bulletin board. (It is not really a bulletin board. Alana is creating a visual interpretation.) So, think of your intention being projected out of yourself and connecting with the universe. And then it is placed on this big bulletin board. Those who pass the bulletin board have a similar intention and they see your intention. Then the vibrations come together. This is one way in which you can ensure that your communication with your departed loved one will occur.

Now you ask if she is able to communicate in this place that she is in, of being newly arrived in her transition to the other side. Yes, dear one, she can feel you. She can hear your thoughts and you have a grand connection. She also wishes for you to take good care of yourself and for you to have a life that is full and happy. She wishes for you to know that she is getting settled, and that she is excited about possibilities ahead of her. It feels like she is doing much strolling and walking in her heaven here. She is meeting many friends. Right now it is somewhat of a social time for her. She is doing some sorting and wanting to figure out what she wishes to do next. You can think of her and she will feel it.

As you think of her, listen with your ears, listen with your heart, listen with your senses and you will get impressions and feelings. Sometimes you may even see a symbol, like a butterfly flying across your path when you are thinking of her. Or a cat could come up and rub against your leg and say hello to you while you may be in a reverie about a situation. You see, this is what Alana means by your intention on the bulletin board. Those who pass by the bulletin board look at it and then co-create with you.

So, yes, we can communicate with those on the other side and we are all connected. Just keep your intention and take good care of yourself. As you care for yourself, your vitality and energy heightens. As it heightens, it is easier to hear with your senses those in the non-physical communicating back to you.