Afterlife Message to a Loved One

Question: How is my friend doing on the otherside and does he have a message for me?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. Alana feels the sadness within you, dear one, and at the same time gratefulness for the delightful relationship that you shared with your loved one.

Alana wants you to know that your dear loved one is adjusting quite nicely. When an individual goes to the otherside there is always a period of adjustment. Sometimes the duration of this time is longer than others and sometimes the duration of time is less.

So, in this case, dear one, it feels like your dear one is recognizing how to maneuver with his nature and how to reflect on his life. It is like he is getting familiar with his surroundings and what is possible in the form that he exists in now. It also feels that he thinks about you a lot. He thinks about the things that he would tinker on and what he would do. He thinks about the home environment and the delightful relationship between you. So, he is in a mode of exploring all that he is grateful for and treasuring it.

Soon, as he gets more comfortable, he will begin to look into the new world of the afterlife where he exists and begin to plan what he now wants to do. It feels that his destiny ahead is wide open and he has many possibilities. So, dear one, know that death is not an end. It is a new beginning. But, in this new beginning, know that he cherishes the moments and time between you and your family.

Now, he wishes to communicate to you. He wants you to keep that smile on your face and think of him as a whole being. Know that he is now really healthy in a new way. There is much promise ahead for him. So, dear one, he wants you to know that you will always be in his heart and he will help you, guide you, and be with you always. But, also remember, dear one, he wants you to know that you have a life to live. So please live it fully and live it the best that you know how.

In the future, it feels that your beloved will find much happiness because he has a destiny ahead of him that will serve many.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana is happy that you brought it forth and appreciates the love that exists within you.

Thank you, dear one.