Soul Connection and the Afterlife

Question: My dear father passed away recently. I am finding it difficult to accept the reality of no more physical presence. I need to know if he suffered at the end when he was dying and if he had all the medical attention available. In other words I want to know that he was not neglected. I appreciate your time.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing your question forth. Alana can deeply understand the grief and the sadness that occurs when a loved one departs for the afterlife. There is a longing for physical connection and a longing to be able to pick up the phone or walk over and hug the dear one that has left for the otherside. It is like the physical body goes through a withdrawal and when physical reality sets in it feels so devastating in so many ways. Yes, it is true that in the physical there is no longer connection.

But, what Alana wants to remind you, dear one, is that life goes on in a different way on the other side. In other words, your father's soul is still very much an expression of his nature. He is very much aware of you. Because we look at the world and we think that what is real is what we can touch and sense through our five senses we forget that there is a reality beyond these senses.

Perhaps, you can begin to develop your inner senses. Begin to pay more attention to your inner senses so they can build a bridge of greater understanding for you about the invisible relationships that exist with non-physical energies.

Dear one, your father does connect with you. He does communicate with you. It feels that these communications from the afterlife are very subtle. Perhaps you will be watching a TV show and you will be reminded of something your father said. Or perhaps when you walk in the park you will have a feeling of his presence. Know that these sensations are real. Allow yourself to open up your senses just a little more and you will feel connection. Your intuition will grow in time.

It feels that your father's time of leaving his body did have some confusion to it. But, recognize that we co-create. In other words, when we get ready to depart, we have a co-creative intention or agreement. We create our departure with others. Your father feels that he was ready to let go of his body and embrace the afterlife ahead.

Alana wants to encourage you to recognize that we are all one. That even though we exist in different forms there is still connection and we are one. So, yes, you have a loss on the physical, but through the spiritual world your souls are still connected.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.