Daughter Becomes an Angel in Afterlife

Question: I miss my daughter so much. It has been nine years since her death from SIDS and my heart still hurts and aches for her. Why did she have to go when she was only one month old? What was my lesson/hers?

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for asking your question. Alana feels your baby being made a decision to come into life to complete an expression of her soul's nature. Sometimes baby beings do not necessarily need to grow up and become individuals in a body and express live a whole life. Alana feels that your baby being wanted to connect with you and that your baby being wanted to be brought into a physical body to complete an aspect of her nature. Once that was accomplished, your baby being had the experience that her soul needed and was necessary to prepare her for the next stage of her soul's development.

It also feels that your baby being is still around you and that through coming into the physical there was a wonderful experience and exchange of energy. Now your baby being is a non-physical being, it feels that she has chosen to be like an angel or a guide vibration around you. What Alana wants to say, is your relationship is not over. Your relationship is still very much in tact and you are still a part of each other's existence. So, please feel the delight in knowing that even when we move to the otherside, we still stay in contact with those we are meant to through our co-creative desire to embrace each other's love.

It feels that you will meet again at some point in life and you will get a sense of this and know it when it occurs. But, for now, your baby being is still enjoying the relationship that you have in the non-physical as you are both spiritual beings no matter if you are in a body or not. She's not a ghost, ok. That is not what Alana means. Your baby being is more like an angel or more like a messenger of love.

Thank you dear one for your question.