Seeing Spirit Leave Body at Death

Question: My mother passed away recently and the family was with her. I was holding her hand when she died and I saw her spirit leave her body. It came right up to me like it was trying to enter my body. Why did I see this and no one else saw it? Thank you Alana for any help you can give me. This has been bothering me all this time and I don't know where to go for answers. Blessings.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for this question. Alana appreciates that you that brought it forth.

Dear one, when individuals leave their body when they are dying, before they bridge to the other side, they take an inventory of sorts. Before we depart and move to the other side there are certain things within us that we no longer need. We make decisions to leave precious gifts with individuals that are going to remain in body for a period of time. You may wish to reflect back and think about different individuals in your life who you have bridged to the other side. You will notice that soon thereafter, there is a certain thought, characteristic, trait, a belief, or an aspect of nature that becomes recognized within. This is because, as the person passes they depart by leaving gifts behind with loved ones before they move to the hereafter.

I feel that in this situation your mother wanted to first say good-bye. I get a sense that is why her delightful spiritual nature came towards you. Your vibration is sensitive so you were able to sense and feel her spirit, perhaps much stronger than others. Sometimes people can sense and feel, and sometimes they can't. It depends on whether or not they can move out of their own vibration, and out of their own thoughts of themselves, during a time like this.

So, dear one I feel that this was really about a release. That a release needed to occur before this delightful loved one could bridge to the other side, and what was left with you feels like it was a gift. It feels like this had to do with compassion. It feels like it had to do with a sense of release. It also feels like it had to do with creating an awareness for you, dear one. An awareness that at death when we leave our bodies there is a spirit that goes on into the afterlife.

So, you received a gift, dear one, and this gift was an awareness. But, I also feel that if you look within your nature you may also get a sense of different thoughts and feelings that you picked up as well.

Thank you dear one for this beautiful question. Alana appreciates it very much.