Suicide and Afterlife

Question: My father committed suicide when I was 23 months old. I work with children, and I wonder how he could have left me. Not to say I was adorable or anything, but 2 year olds are awfully cute. Does my father feel sorry for what he has done. Can he see me from the other side? Will I ever see him?

Answer: Hello dear one, thank you for your question. Alana appreciates that you brought it forth.

In feeling your fathers vibration in the afterlife, I get a sense that he does feel saddened by his decision to leave his life this time. It feels that he has watched you grow up. He is very happy that you are finding ways to express yourself and that you are such a nurturing and caring individual. It feels that he misses the fun times that can be had in being in a body, like being able to get in your car and go for a peaceful drive within the country and exploring the land. He also wishes that he could have been present to help your grow up and help you make some of the choices that you have.

So yes, dear one, it has been difficult for him in many ways. But, in other ways his soul is finding peace within. He is learning much about what to appreciate and what to be grateful for. So even when an individual takes their life their soul can find ways to heal the complexities that existed within their life. And the complexities that existed in their life does go on with them to the other side. You see, we can not escape what we are here to learn, whether we are here or there. So your father vibration does feel the sadness from taking his life, but he wants you to know that he is very proud of you.

Also, for you dear one, recognize that you have a very bright future ahead of you. Much love wants to come into your life. Just keep that smile and your nurturing and caring parts. Do take good care of yourself, and learn all that you can learn. Knowledge is a wonderful tool, and it will help you make your way in the world. It will help you take care of yourself, and it will also help you to be grand in your nature so that you can contribute more back into the world.

Thank you for your question dear one, it was delightful.