Holistic Treatment for Allergies

Question: My daughter of 4 years of age has many allergies, and has had them since birth. We have and do treat them holistically with the advice of an herbalist and a naturopath. Both of whom I trust very much. There is another woman who is an allergist who is alternative in her therapy of allergies and uses intuition to guide her. She is also very busy with a two month wait to see her. I'm wanting to know if I should bring yet another individual into my daughter's life for help with her allergies.

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana is excited to hear your question and so happy that you brought it forth. In listening to the nature of your question, Alana feels that you are careful in the types of energies that you invite into your life. Alana feels this is grand. You know, what you spin with spins with you. Alana also gets a sense that you are quite intuitive with your nature and that you do sense within yourself much about your delightful child. With this knowledge and understanding, Alana wishes to remind you that no matter how many individuals give you input about your child you will be able to sort clearly what is meaningful to you and what applies.

You are learning much about your intuition and the ability to sort. Also by bringing individuals to you that are practiced intuitives and individuals that are operating in areas that you respect and believe in builds tools within you. It adds to the knowingness in your nature that you can trust your abilities.

Alana feels that part of your attraction to this individual is because you are developing skills within yourself that will be complimentary to your vocation and living skills in your future. So yes, do indeed bring forth knowledge from any individual that you have curiosity about. Trust that you have the capability to sort what is applicable to you and your daughter vibration. Also, trust your daughter to guide you as well.

Thank you dear one for bringing forth your question. Alana appreciates your nature and all the love that exist within you.