Sell or Stay

Question: As a single woman in her thirties, I am struggling to run my flat ("apartment" to Americans). The bills, the mortgage, etc. actually outweigh my income. Previously I have acted like an ostrich, burying my head in the sand to the reality. Now I realize that I must sell up or give away some of my possessions. I feel--because I lived in the flat with my ex-partner who left two years ago and married another girl very quickly afterward--that I am not moving on emotionally. The flat has so many happy and unhappy memories centered around it.

I feel I need to start over, yet my friends say I am being foolish considering it. They say I am set up (with all my household possessions, etc) and that starting over would cost so much money. But I feel that it would be a price worth paying. I don't earn a good salary, but just to get away, I feel it would give me a broader perspective. I could use some personal coaching on decision making. Would you help me to decide whether to stay or sell up and a begin a fresh start?

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana feels that you are at a crossroad. In other words, you have many possibilities ahead and you are at a time in your life for new choices. Alana senses that this may be a useful time to examine the available possibilities. Ask yourself which direction would excite you the most. Discern which options would bring the most vitality, energy, and anticipation. You might receive some keys or clues about what direction may be the most fulfilling for you.

You could look at the possibility of staying there and perhaps increase your belief in abundance. By doing this, you may increase your ability to attract a roommate (if that is something in which you're interested) and maybe even create a raise in your salary. If you make a choice to stay, you could perhaps redecorate or clear the energy so that it feels fresh and new for you. Sometimes painting and redecorating can do wonders and can create a whole new vibration.

However, Alana does get a sense within you that you are seeking a type of simplicity in your life. Perhaps, if you chose a direction that will help you simplify, possible new energies may open for you. You see when we allow something to leave our life, or when we let go of something, this creates a void in energy. In other words, it creates a space. What happens next is this space has to be filled. Therefore, a space for new occurrences in your life is created. Alana senses that this is where your nature is leaning. By creating this kind of change, if you were to sell up as you say, possibilities for you to take your monetary gain and new resources could help you redirect your life in a new way.

Also, ask yourself if you are living in an area where you have great delight. Sometimes people outgrow the vibration of where they currently live. They are needing, desiring, or moving toward creating a whole new energy in their life. When you make a change in your environment, you invite a new energy into your life. A long distance move, and sometimes just a short move, can do this. So, ask yourself again, "What would bring me the greatest delight?" And, "What would hold the most promise of opportunity and begin to move me in that direction?"

Also, examine your views of abundance. Begin to listen to your thoughts more and hear if you are basing your thoughts on just getting by or if your thoughts are ready to behold and embrace greater possibilities. In other words, are you ready to open and allow the universe to bring you more abundance, more possibilities, and more treasures? If so, begin to turn towards thoughts that evoke these possibilities. Begin to see abundance around you. Begin to embrace these images as possibilities that can enter your life. 

Thank you dear one for your delightful question. Alana hopes that this gives you some guidance and possibly some encouragement to follow your dreams.