Using Intuition When Making Decisions

Question: How do I balance my beliefs that say we create our own reality with the one that says "let go and let God"? How do I discern when it is time to make things happen (take action) versus allowing things to happen (waiting)? Both beliefs have great value in my life. Sometimes I feel it's time to take action, but then my efforts feel blocked. Other times I feel it's time to wait, but then I just seem to get stuck. It feels like the pendulum is always swinging and I'm a step behind. I sure could use some personal coaching in how to make decisions.

Answer: Dear one, thank you so much for bringing forth your question. Alana is excited because what you are talking about here is creation. This is manifestation and this is the ability that comes forth from intention.

What Alana hears is that you are desiring to pay attention to your intention. Also, that you are looking at your intention and attempting to figure out what is coming forth from that intention. Recognize dear one that when we create a beautiful story, we tell it in words. But within that story we also have spaces between the words. It is the spaces between the words that allow the story to make sense and for you to make sense of what you are creating. This is how you know when it is time to take a step or to wait and pay attention. This all has much to do with looking into the space between the words and determining what that space--your wise inner nature--is telling you at that moment.

Practice building your intuition--listening to the space between the words. Ask yourself how the present moment feels. Go into the present moment and ask yourself if you are feeling connected, if you are feeling powerful, if you are feeling clear. If in that moment--while asking yourself those things--you feel powerless, then reconnect to your nature and to all-that-is. By centering in this way, you will fuel your creations. When you go into your nature and recognize your power, what comes next is creation from your intention.

Now when you have a situation where you feel unclear, and are not sure if you should take a step forward or wait, it is probably because you're wanting to realign to your power. From this place you will know what step to make. Again, move into your center.

There is no standard answer to your question. There is no saying this is the way to be one hundred percent of the time. Life is a freeform dance. What Alana is directing you to is getting a sense if you are connected to your power. This way you will know which way to move with the pendulum.

Hopefully Alana's answer created a little bit of clarity for you and some understanding. We need spaces between the words. Do you see? This is so things can make sense. Sometimes we need to just step back and see the whole picture so that we can have a clear understanding. Time will tell the whole story.

Thank you dear one for your question.