Life Direction

Question: I am at a crossroads in my life and could use some inspiration. What area of my life should I focus on next year to create positive results in my life?

Answer: Well dear one, thank you for your question. You know, Alana cannot tell you what to focus on, but Alana can go within you and feel your nature and perhaps provide some inspiration and suggestions that I feel are coming from your desire to bring joy and happiness into your life.

The first thing that Alana senses is that your personal life wishes to have more fun. The first thing that I would say is to create a balance for yourself between what is responsibility and what is the responsibility that you have to create fun in your life. Your nature wishes to expand. Your nature wishes to create new avenues for you to feel that you are learning more, to feel that you are attracting more, and to feel that you are manifesting more.

If you look within your life, you will feel that many things are tidy, many things are taken care of and you can acknowledge much completion. When you look at your family, when you look at your loved ones, you have much gratefulness. But, your life is ready to move into a new frontier. You are now ready to begin, perhaps, to branch out and to open up to more avenues. This could create interest and could create playfulness and possibly, some travel. I would say look at your responsibilities and balance them out.

Channel some of your energy into a responsibility to create magic in your life through fun and play. As you do this, you will have more joy and you will have more energy to bring forth more richness, much more richness.

Also I do feel that there are some areas that you are a little bored with. Perhaps, look at those areas of your life. Ask yourself what is it that you have outgrown? What is it that can no longer stimulate you? Then begin to branch out and look for ways to create excitement for yourself.

You are such a beautiful being and your intuition is expanding and growing and doing very well. You do bring much light wherever you are. People feel your compassion. They also feel that they can trust you. This is a beautiful strength that you present. Congratulate yourself and also open up to more joy. Continue to take good care of yourself like you have and your health will continue to improve. It feels that it is in good shape. You will also find more reason to embrace joy. So that is what Alana gets for now, but you can ask more questions later, ok.

Thank you dear one.