Decision Making and Doubt

Question for Alana: How do you stop doubting yourself even when you know you have make a good decision?

I could use personal coaching on this issue because I always seem to vacillate once I finally do make a decision. Thanks, Alana, for your spiritual guidance in assessing this personal dilemma of mine.

Alana's Answer: Thank you for your question Dear One.

Doubt is a very interesting subject and it is one that we do hold within our mind. Doubt is rarely felt within your heart because your heart is a place within that has a sense of knowing, and a sense of understanding.

And Your heart holds compassion; compassion for yourself as well as compassion for others.

The Gifts in Doubt

So, how do you get beyond doubt? First of all, you must embrace the doubt. Recognize that your mind doubts because your mind has the ability to reason. Your mind has chosen to reason things, to weigh things, to evaluate things. Doubt is a natural element of this process. When you can embrace the knowing that you have a beautiful mind to reason with, then you can recognize that, of course, doubt could be something you might ponder.

Now I also wish to add that I get the impression that there is also a feeling within you that goes along with this doubt. The doubt is blended with a feeling of longing or a feeling of vast sadness. Perhaps doubt is wanting to point you in a direction; a direction where you can begin to also embrace the sadness within you so you can begin to heal. So you can learn to turn toward compassion for your desire to hold deep love within your heart.

So honor and use your doubt for self realization. Then you can find out more about yourself and what your doubt wishes to awaken within you. What will evolve out of this state into a deeper connection with your heart. From this place, you will gain greater clarity and greater understanding of the nature of your decisions. From this point, you will gain greater conviction to hold to the truth of what will bring you joy.

You see, from this place you evolve to, you will define a sense of knowing. A knowing of what is your highest and best good and how you can more deeply, vastly, and greatly love yourself.

When we learn how to discern, and find greater self love, it allows us to contribute more to ourselves in meaningful ways and to others, too.

Thank you for your question. It was a grand one.