Career, Family, and Education

Question: I am considering a work training course that will take extensive resources in time and money, but will give me knowledge that will enrich the lives of all who work with me in my career. I also want to have a child in the same time period and worry that the combination of the two could be unfair to my family. Do you think the good that could come from the training will balance the inconvenience, and possible hardship on others, of doing it with a baby around? Thanks in advance for your career and personal counseling.

Answer: Do you know what I find interesting about this question? It is like so many questions. Many different considerations come into the question. There is an understanding in your delightful question that we are co-creators as we interrelate with others. It is also clear that you are aware that what we do in life does impact others. You have a knowing that we have to be true, full, and involved in self-care and excitement in order to deliver to others the greatest expression of who we are.

Therefore, what I would ask this dear one to do is to go within and feel a connection with her passion. To go inside and feel where her greatest desires exist and then to be true to those. This is how her family and those whom she loves will end up being the beneficiaries of her beingness. Where she has the most passion and where she is the most true to her inner nature, will be what will benefit all, including her of course!

Now as I express this, I can hear her nature saying, "But I want this and I want this and I want this. It is not that simple to say it is just this one thing". Well what I would do then is to tell this beautiful being to go in and feel what it would be like to have each expression. After feeling what it would be like to have each expression, then acknowledge which choices bring her the most joy.

You see when she approaches it from her mind; this is where her confusion happens. Instead, she can take the approach of going into the various options and actually kinesthetically feeling each of them. She can bring them within her nature, imagine her interaction with others, and have a direct experience within her body. Her body does not lie you see. No one's body lies. This one is especially attuned to her body in this way. She will then have her answer.

I get a feeling, when I sense her nature, that motherhood and being in a new world where she gets to learn new information, would be very stimulating to her. Then I get a part of her that would judge that and say, "But then I am not contributing in the world. I'm not learning and becoming more. Therefore, I am not as creative as my husband and contributing as much". Do you see? There is a competitive nature within her that comes up. Well, perhaps motherhood and all that it could give could be enough.

So, I challenge this dear one to ask herself if she is enough just the way she is. Off course she is going to say yes, because she knows she is. Nevertheless, there is a part of her nature that wants to continue to be more, and more, and more. This is where her competitiveness comes in. The intention behind her competitiveness is about having and being more. This is a wonderful part of her nature that wishes to contribute but it also keeps her feeling like she continually needs to be more.

When I go in and really feel her heart, I feel a wanting to be just a mother. I feel a wanting to stay home and make bread. I feel a wanting to stay home and make her home beautiful. I feel a wanting to stay home, have a baby-being, and in the course of this heal her childhood as well.

My gosh, is this not enough! Yes, it is enough! She is enough. As she goes into her heart deeply, she will get a sense of what she truly wants.