New Job Proposal

Question: In my career I work as the Director of a Community Center as well as the Sr. Nutrition program. I am getting bored with my work. I also see the need in our organization for a Grant/Contract Manager. Currently there is no such position. We are a Private Non-Profit Social Service Agency. I am fifty years olds soon to be fifty-one. Although I have no formal education in this area it interests me. Please suggest how I may propose this new job description to my boss. I should add that I was in the medical field for twenty-eight years and due to downsizing I did a complete career change three years ago. Thank you in advance for your career guidance.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. You know, when one has boredom within them, it is a definite sign that they are ready to grow, expand and do something new. Boredom exists when we have outgrown a situation and our nature is eager to learn more, to contribute more, and to expand our sense of worth and knowledge. So, Alana suggests that you begin.

Now, your question is how to present this new job to your boss. Perhaps you could do a little homework on your own. Take some time on your own, and research the subject and then prepare a prosposal to him. You could create a beautiful grant proposal and extend to him how it would benefit your organization to have one person focus in this area. What could your boss say if you walked into the office and said, "Look what I have created," and then share the benefits with him. Your boss would have to say, "Wow. This could help us. So, why don't we submit it?"

Often, the way that one creates a job in the world, or creates a place in the world, is by first exampling that it is possible and to demonstrate the benefits. By first showing that it is needed by creating an example of what could occur from it. If this excites you, dear one, and if this brings vitality, energy and excitement into your body, then indeed pursue it. We do not think of things, or thoughts do not come into our mind, and excitement does not fill us, unless it is a step that is worthy of our nature.

So, dear one, do take a step in this direction if it pleases you. Alana feels that you are an individual that desires to contribute to the whole. In other words, it feels that you are someone who likes to get a ball rolling and likes to create things in a grand way. Alana appreciates your enthusiasm and your contribution in all that you can do. It feels that your organization could benefit from help in this way, because the service that you give is grand.

Thank you, dear one. Alana encourages you to follow your visions, follow your dreams, and you will always know what is best for you if you search your heart. It will tell you.

Thank you, dear one.