Corporate Job, Artist at Heart: Express True Calling and Make Money

Question: Dear Alana, I am a published author and an artist, yet now I am forced to be in the corporate world to keep a roof over my head, where I do executive assistant work. Any ideas on how I can express my true calling and still make decent money? I thank you for any career advice you might provide.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana is delighted to share career advice and I wish to mention that I feel the passion and creativity that exists within you. I also feel your desire to have a balanced life, one in which your needs are met and your heart is full.

Dear one, it feels like you are learning much about how to be committed to your creativity while still honoring the other needs that exist within you; the needs to have the things that you like. It feels, though, that there is a small belief in you that is afraid to fully surrender and fully commit to your creativity in a vast way.

Alana feels that you have within you grand creative capability and grand expression. But Alana also wants to honor the parts of you that have a conservative nature. I want to make sure that you do not put yourself out on a limb in such a way that your needs are not met.

So, dear one, continue to take baby steps. What Alana means by this is look at your life and see where your needs are met. Next, look at your life and see where they are not met. Where your needs are not met, make a commitment to have them be included in your life. Then take small steps that seem secure to you and still feel aligned with your commitment to creativity and passion. By taking these small steps, you will keep this part of you very much alive.

Alana feels that you can have the best of both worlds. But Alana also feels a need for you to carefully look at where you compromise, and look at where you feel you are selling yourself short a little bit. In those areas, create with discernment and then realign. In other words, create a declaration of what you want more of. Then it feels that you will attract vocational opportunities. They will indeed also bring in your other creative, artistic, and authoring skills. Alana feels that eventually these two roads want to come together in your life and become one.

I feel that you are in a transition, and I feel that this is a transition that may take approximately three years with your current lifestyle. Bit by bit, your baby steps will create commitment to your artistic direction and the authoring that exists within you. The parts of you that feel security is the more practical path want to lighten up a little bit and broaden their definition.

What can happen next, dear one, is that you can find a position that embraces some of your conservative nature. And it will still give you the flexibility and the freedom to create, create, and create!

We are always creating. With each thing you do, you are creating. Broaden your perspective of what is creatively possible. Ask the Universe to bring you guidance, help, teachers, mentors, and co-creators in your life experience. You will find more monetary assistance coming in because you are being more authentic to who you truly are.

Thank you, dear one. You are doing quite well. You are in a transition right now. Time is a great tool to manifest what you dwell upon. Watch your thoughts and keep your intention on your creativity by inviting more passion into your work. Keep your passion alive, and you will do well and money will follow.

Thank you, dear one, for your career question.