Resolving Conflicts with Rude People

Question: What is the best way to handle the increasing rudeness, aggressiveness in the name of assertiveness, putdowns and plays for power in our society? I believe that most of these individuals have been bullied themselves so that they have become bullies. I am determined that this behavior will not happen to me, yet I am a sensitive individual. I was always taught to be "nice" and loving to others, but I continue to feel run over. I realize that we are mirrors of our surroundings and relationships and I have tried to increase my own feelings of self-worth and confidence. Please advise what else I can do.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana recognizes that the dynamics you describe exist in the world. We are now beginning to understand how to pay attention to the way we treat one another. There is a certain way people act toward each other when they do not sense that we are all connected. We collectively are beginning to recognize that what we do to another, we do to ourselves. So rest assured dear one, that there are some folks out there who have awakened to the dynamics that you described and are beginning to make a difference. More people are waking up and recognizing that their acts of unkindness are reflected back and cause harm to their own being. Because of this you will find more and more people are beginning to pay attention.

For you dear one, Alana feels by focusing in and being within environments where people are disrespectful, it energizes this vibration for you. You then begin to see it as a primary energy. Perhaps what you could do to assist yourself is to begin to surround yourself with more supportive people. Look at all of your relationships and ask yourself which people support and understand you. Also ask which people that you support and understand.

Begin to create models and patterns in your life that are healthy. As you embrace this as a principle and hold it as an intention--as something you value and need--you will move towards it. You will be setting a new pattern in place in your life. Your life will begin to attract more relationships that will follow these patterns.

Dear one, there is nothing you can really do to change another. However, you can change yourself and the way that you see the world. Be willing to let go of those that do not respect and treat others well. Invite only those into your life that have a sense of self-worth and honor. We learn by example, and others learn from us through example. Be the best example that you know how to be. Surround yourself with examples that can teach you. This will invite more joy into your life and also bring you much success in your personal life, as well as in your career.

Thank you dear one for your question.