Friendship's That Hurt

Question: I'm sick of being backstabbed by a now ex-girlfriend. She has been talking about me behind my back, and just been flat out hurtful. I don't know what I've done to cause this. For Christmas, I received a beautiful gift, and she even wrote, "I'll always love you," on the card. I don't understand it. I've written her a letter. It says, "If there is anything I did to make you so angry and hateful toward me, please tell me. Thank you." But I know I've done nothing. That's just it. She's had this terrible hard life and I've been so careful with her. I'm so sick of being conflicted over this friendship and hurting because she's been so cruel. Please help.

Answer: Hello dear one, Alana appreciates your question about your relationship troubles. It feels that you have had an open heart. It feels that you have had a grand intention. What you have brought to you feels like a friend who is afraid to receive love. Your friend feels that she has come from many circumstances that have created confusion for her. Because of your compassion and openness she is projecting her sadness towards you. She wishes on some level that you would heal her. There is much occurring here that is unconscious.

Alana does not want to confuse you and tell you that it is ok to be treated this way. But, what Alana is attempting here is to create an understanding as to why she may be projecting this onto you. What you may wish to do is to communicate to her honestly how you feel when she acts accordingly. You may also let her know that it is not ok to have this kind of friendship within your life. This holds her as able to honor you as well as honor her. So, it is an opportunity for her to clear the confusion and make a choice to either move forward or to stay within the vibration that her higher nature wishes to heal. Her more attached nature chose to create drama to point her back within herself. Out of this, she will either move forward and create clarity with you or she will continue to create drama over and over again, but with someone else acting out her fears.

You have a heart. Yes. There are parts of your relationship that Alana senses as past connection. Alana feels that the now, the present moment is what is most important and therefore wishes to create clarity. Tell her your truth how her actions make you feel, and then let it go. The future will tell you the choices she will make. Also, remember that we are never separate. Even when a relationship does seem to cease to exist in a certain way, we are all connected. We are all one and our hearts are always connected.

Thank you dear one for your question.