Divorce and Child Custody

Question: After going through marriage counseling I decided to get a divorce and I'm fighting for custody of my two boys. It has been going on for about a year. So far I have modified custody but we haven't gone to court yet. Also my ex husband turned me in for some checks that I cashed for his dad. Now they are trying to get me for fraud. Is there any way you can predict the outcome of the divorce from my marriage and the custody of my boys, as well as this fraud charge? Please help I'm so stressed.

Answer: Dear one, thank you for your question. Alana feels that you are spinning within many different questions all at one time. Feeling your nature, feeling your surroundings, feeling the choices that you have made and the choices that are made around you, it is difficult to go into your question and create a prediction.

What Alana can do is point you to the powers that exist within you. This way you can begin to discern more clearly. Also, you can begin to detach yourself from the confusions that lay around you. The ones that exist within your environment and are brought into your life. By gaining a clearer definition of yourself, you can begin to know who you are so that you are clearer about what it is that you wish to create in your life. As you begin to know your self, the communication that comes from you will also be clearer to others. You see, before you are opportunities to share your peace, share your truth, share your heart, and share your wisdom. As you reveal who you are truthfully, honestly to yourself you will begin to reveal this truth to others and then your essence, your intentions, and yourself will be known.

This is the greatest guide that Alana can give you to attain the desires, to attain the life that you wish to have. So dear one, go within yourself and ask yourself honestly what it is that you wish to have in your life. Hold yourself with responsibility (the ability to respond in ways that are about love). Love towards yourself and love and honor to those who nurture and care for you as well. Dear one, the choices you make will guide your life and the clarity that you can also create in your life will direct what you attract. Alana has a saying, what you bring into your life spins with you. So, remember not to invite into your life, forces, or situations that could complicate your joy.

Thank you dear one for your question.