Conflict Resolution

Question: Lately it feels as if my life is not under my control. I feel like everything has dipped into a negative valley and I can't escape it. How can I find some inner peace and center myself when my environment is so negative?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana feels that you are ending a cycle in your life and that you are getting ready to enter a new cycle. When an individual comes to a closure of a cycle, it is much like a death in a certain way. Imagine closing one door and opening another. Imagine what that would mean to certain parts of your nature. It would bring about a sense of release. But with release comes grief--a sense of letting go--and at the same time it brings about anticipation and wondering what is possible and what is ahead.

As you are in this transition and cycle of change, your environment becomes a reflection. You may look at the world and wonder what to expect from the environment that you exist in. What Alana suggests is to first of all begin reflecting back on your life and look at the things you have accomplished. Look at what has brought you joy. Look at the interests that you have uncovered and the possibilities that lie ahead if you were to follow your innermost dreams and ideas. As you do this, begin to seek out mentors, begin to seek out environments, and begin to seek out people who are inspiring to you. In other words, make a choice to let go of negative people, negative environments, and negative situations and begin to fill your life up with conditions and situations that can contribute to your well being as you seek discovery within yourself.

It feels that part of your sadness has been that you are completing a cycle, getting ready to move into a new one, and that your being feels a sense of boredom. You have yet to discover what else your nature wishes to move towards. Alana feels you are at a place to begin to discover that you have a life purpose and that your purpose will bring fulfillment and inner peace to you.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates you.

-- Alana