Feelings for Ex-Boyfriend

Answer: I am a mother of 2 beautiful little boys and I am so confused whether I love their father or not. He used to be really aggressive with me and he hurt me a lot, but now he is so nice and has really changed. The problem is I am having feelings for my ex-boyfriend whom I haven't seen in over four years or heard from in two years. I have this feeling that we are supposed to be together. Am I wrong? Do you think we are supposed to be together? Or am I trying to use him as a cop out for my current relationship. If I am using him as an excuse I do not understand because my boyfriend is so nice to me right now. Please help! I have desperately been trying to contact my ex-boyfriend in hopes we could rekindle our lost relationship that we had as teenagers.

Question: Hello dear one. Alana can feel your dilemma and also sense your thoughts in reverie. It feels that the current relationship that you are in is at a place where it is growing and expanding and reshaping itself. When we are in places of transition and bringing about new awareness it is much like journeying to a new frontier. We do not quite know what to expect on one hand and in another we get a sense of how our day to day activities bring us understanding.

Alana feels you are integrating your expectations in a new way and there are also parts of you that have conditions that you know and relate to and feel comfortable with. Some of these conditions are your thoughts, dreams, fantasies and images that relate to memories from the past. Alana feels that part of your dilemma with this question is that your nature wants to rekindle a similar vibration that you had when you were young and bring it into your current life. I feel the relationship that you are in now has much potential for expansion and growth. You might consider bringing your youthful nature into this relationship and share your enthusiasm in this way as well. You may find that your current relationship is heightened by an added element or an added presence that lies within your nature.

Alana does feel a connection with this past individual too, but it feels like it is more about the past than the future. Yes, you could meet with this individual and rekindle your memories but you might find that your memories are what you value the most. Perhaps the direction this is pointing to is some left over, unfinished feelings and emotions that would like some closure or some perspective. Really get in touch with your own heart and your own emotions by checking in with yourself and seeing if what you are really missing isn't something within yourself that you have felt you need to leave behind. Alana feels that by embracing your youthful spirit and refreshing its' memory within your life in the present moment, this may create deeper satisfaction within you and also enhance your current relationship.

Thank you dear one for your question. Alana appreciates your question and also remember that you deserve to be treated with love.

Thank you dear one.