Cheating Husband

Question: I want to know if I should wait for my cheating husband to wake up and smell the coffee, or should I just get on with my life? I still love him, but do not want to waste my life waiting. It has been four months since he left me for a life long friend of mine.

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for your question. It feels that within yourself, dear one, you already know the answer. You already have a feeling within you that your life is within your own hands, and if you want to bring happiness to you, then it is up to you to take the first steps.

You know, many people in life wait to be fulfilled by others. What occurs while we wait, is we tell the universe that we like waiting. Therefore, what we get is more waiting. So, dear one, as you begin to take steps each day, to provide some well-being to yourself, and to bring some happiness to you, the universe will begin to hear that delight and that happiness is something that you want. Then, you will find that opportunities will start to come into your life bringing you more things to be happy about. So, if you want to find love in your life, and have greater happiness in the future, first give it to yourself, and begin to take care of you.

So, dear one, one of the things that you can do, is feel your emotions. Yes, feel your grief. Feel your sadness, and begin taking good care of yourself. Begin to fill your day up with opportunities and with things that you have not done before. Begin to explore new things that could excite you. As you begin to bring new delight into your life you may find that your relationships will begin to transform. It could be that your unfaithful husband begins to wonder why you are so happy. He may begin to wonder how you finding joy when he is not around. It could be that as you create a new love relationship with yourself your other relationships may have a revival.

Now, Alana is not necessarily saying that this will bring your husband back to you, but I feel that it will change the dynamics within your relationship. You may find that you have a more enriched relationship with yourself as well.

You know, there is a time to feel sad. Yes, and there is a time to grieve. We have all of our emotions for a reason. Our emotions want to teach us something about ourselves. But, Alana feels that inside of you there is a certain anticipation building about possibilities that could occur in your future. I see new doors opening and I feel that you have a grand future ahead of you.

Thank you dear one for bringing forth this question. I appreciate it very much.