Question: I was recently robbed of a couple thousand dollars worth of property and cash by someone that claimed to be a friend. The betrayal of trust was far worse than the loss of money. Can you explain the purpose of such behaviors, especially behaviors of perpetrators? Is "turning the other cheek" wise or an act of stupidity?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank your for your question. There are many different parts to this question. First of all, let us break it down a little bit. Alana wants to acknowledge that there are often collective reasons for why things happen. When something is stolen from us, sometimes it may be because we want to learn the value of things verses the value of relationships. Sometimes it may be because we want to directly create a situation. Also, it can be because we live in a collective environment. We are impacted by the result of living in a collective environment. So you see, there can be broad reasons and there can be specific reasons for occurrences like these. They can be all happening at the same time.

Now, behind all of this there is always learning. There is always learning, depending on which side of the polarity you exist within. If you are the one robbing then you get to learn from that side of the polarity. If you are the one being taken from, you get to learn from that side of the polarity. So, there is always something to learn. In this situation, you must go within and identify your values and your needs. This feels like an opportunity for you to grieve many losses from your past. It is a situation where you can get in touch with how your emotions feel, to let them rise and move through you. This will tell you what you honor. It will give you insight into what you value and what you chose to spin with, you see.

Alana has a saying, "What you spin with spins with you." So, in instances like this, it gives us greater clarity of what comes along with the package. For example, if you decide to buy peanut butter, you are not just getting the peanuts inside the jar. You get the jar too! You get what comes with that jar. It comes with a lid that has to be screwed off, you see. So what you spin with spins with you. Always look at the whole, not just what you wish to see.

Now, what to do in this situation. Again, go into your heart. Always hold others able to hear your truth. Hold others able to hear your feelings and your emotions. Now, how they respond, or how they react is not up to you. It is up to them. But, once you have communicated your feelings and your needs, you will feel better, yes? What you tell them may not make a difference in their life, in the way of what you get back. But,it may make a difference in their life in the sense that they know you better. From there they will take what you communicate into their nature and evaluate, from their values, and their needs. Perhaps there could be a shift. Perhaps there could be a healing, and then perhaps not.

This feels like this situation has been an opportunity for you to receive more clarity about what you wish your surroundings to be filled with. Also, for you to recognize that we do live in a collective world. We live in a world where we do impact each other, and when we live in a community we are subjected to the natures within that community. The way for you to continue to strengthen your nature is to continue to be clear about what it is that is important to you. What are your values? What are your needs? We are talking really of self-love. The more you strengthen your self love, the more your vibration will become stronger then the less likely you will be impacted by a collective that is not in agreement or alignment with your nature. Thank you.