Empty Nest Leads to Loneliness

Question: I have an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that our daughter has moved so far away. My husband and I ideally wanted to have our family around. Unfortunately we both have made ourselves rather sick and sad over the situation with our daughter. We can't seem to shake the loss and loneliness we feel. We have visited her three times and paid for her visit four times in the last six years. I feel any extra money goes to these trips and that is making me feel a little resentful. I guess I am disappointed that my life has not turned out as I had pictured it. Neither work, volunteering, or hobbies has filled the void. I realize that when one door closes another opens. Do you see anything happening for us? My husband and I appreciate your personal advice.

Answer: Thank you dear one for bringing forth such a heart felt question.

Sometimes we have many feelings that move around in our nature unexpressed. We can keep feeling them over and over again. They can build into a velocity of energy mass. This energy can sit within us. What Alana is describing and is feeling from this energy, is that it might be beneficial to your nature to have a heart to heart talk with your daughter. Tell her truthfully and honestly how you are feeling. You both know that your well being and your happiness are something that you must create independently. By communicating the loneliness that you feel without projecting on to her the responsibility for your happiness it will create a connection and you will find that compassion will reconnect you in ways that you have felt disconnected.

I know talking on the telephone is not quite the same, or e-mailing each other. By having this beautiful conversation revealing your thoughts may create a bridge of compassion and understanding between the two of you. It may help you fill the void you are feeling.

Eventually, your life will bring you more and more opportunities as you continue to pursue your independent interests. These possibilities will help you connect to more parts of yourself. You will gain a fuller sense of your identity rather than it being fully about the loved ones in your life.

Also, as you clear unresolved energy from within your nature and release the energy builds up from not communicating bridges will begin to fill the places within. As this happens you will begin to sense a revitalization of personal energy. And you will begin to create and attract fulfillment in many other ways. This is just the beginning for you, dear one. Much lies ahead for you. Seize it. Grasp it and continue to go within yourself. Discover what was and is, as when you were young, that makes you happy. Then you will begin to recover enthusiasm within your nature. This will come from your own creativity and will also bring joy into your life.

So thank you for your question, Alana feels your heart.