Soul Groups and Reincarnation

Question: Assuming our spirits return time and again, is there a genetic connection? Who we are, were, will be--is it random? Do I inherit more than the color of my hair, the freckles on my skin, and my sense of humor from my family before me? Do I also inherit a piece of their soul or spirit? 

Answer: So dear one, the answer to your question is yes. Yes you inherit. Yes you inherit a genetic element and yes you inherit a soul element. Yet, you are still an individual with free will and individual expression.

Let's phrase it this way or look at it this way. There are many forms of collective consciousness. Here are two examples. There is a collective consciousness centered around, say, the Irish. There is also a collective consciousness centered on the German culture. In a genetic way, we have different collective consciousness' that have natures that are passed on from life to life.

We also have soul groups. We have spirits that have chosen to come together for a particular purpose or intention. Perhaps you may find a soul group that comes together because they wish to express more peace. Perhaps you have a soul group that wishes to come together to be teachers. Perhaps you have a soul group that wishes to come together to be healers. Now what is interesting here is that we are multi-dimensional, which means that we could and we do extend our nature's into more than just one system and more than just one level of collective consciousness. It is very simple but it appears from the mind to be quite complex.

Imagine yourself as a multi-dimensional being embracing many different purposes all coming together in a miraculous way into a body. Then you will find many different expressions co-existing together within you. We have parallel or holographic existence. You can also see that if we are multi-dimensional beings, there must exist multi-dimensional levels of consciousness that co-exist together. You cannot separate the atom from the whole just as you cannot separate an individual from the whole. The individual can still operate with its own intention yet is still connected to all.

Therefore, you inherit many different aspects of being. Genetically, consciously, spiritually with your soul groups, with your family, with your core nature, with your mission, with your planetary system, with your universe, and with the universes that exist within that. It is very simple and yet it is very complex.

Thank you for all the thought you expressed in your question.