Spiritual Connection and Miscarriage

Question: After vacillating many years over whether or not to have a child, in February of this year I discovered, much to my surprise and utter joy, that I was pregnant. I was ecstatic from that moment on and was filled with happy anticipation. Unfortunately, several weeks later I suffered a miscarriage. I plunged into a deep depression and have been very sad ever since. I have just started trying to conceive once again, and am anxious and scared, but I continue to have faith. Do you see me having a normal, healthy child in the next year or so? I am trying to achieve this before my time has passed and I am no longer able to do so. Please advise.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question forth. There are many reasons that baby beings connect with us. Sometimes, in a situation such as yours, having a miscarriage, it is a situation where a baby being vibration needed to connect in the physical for a short time. It is a time of creating a type of completion for them.

So, dear one, even though this infant and this child vibration that you carried within you for a short period of time, did not come to full maturity, Alana wants to acknowledge you for the creation and life that did come about in that short period of time. Also, when occurrences like this happen, sometimes these are angelic vibrations and guides coming into the physical to complete an aspect for you and them. When they leave the body, or the physical plane, they stay connected in a spiritual way. So, Alana feels that much good came out of this situation in many, many ways.

Alana can feel the pain that exists within you in having the expectancy of having a baby being and the situation of not coming to full maturity. So, do grieve your thoughts and your feelings and hold them dear in your heart. Bring them into your heart and hold them with compassion.

Alana also feels within you a maternal nature and that you give much love, guidance and support to many. So, sometimes people are, as a dear friend put it, "Humanitarian parents," and they serve others in great ways as well.

Alana also feels a desire for you to hold your vision. Take some actions with your nutrition which will get your body a little stronger. Perhaps, have your blood checked and your vitality checked. Make sure that you have a nutritionally strong basis within you to support a baby being. There are just some small adjustments that want to be made in your vitality to support your body a little better.

Alana does feel baby being vibrations around you and can feel a possibility. Yes! So thank you for your question, dear one. Hold your vision and recognize that you are loved by many.