Channeling our Spiritual Helpers

Question: My spirit guide has told me that I need to reach many more people than one at a time!

I do psychic readings now but my guide informed me that I can begin to open to different entities and energies to speak through me!

There was a great fear of this for the past nine months or so, but I do believe that I am now ready to open to this new experience. My spiritual guide said that it would begin in the first part of this year but I think I am now becoming inpatient!

Alana, please let me know what you feel.

Answer: Hello, dear one! I am delighted that you brought forth this question and that your being is broadening your experience of yourself.

Recognize, dear one, as we become a vessel to channel information and bring forth knowledge, we are extending our being and blending with energies that are also connected to us, whether we are conscious of it or not. The fact that now you desire to consciously channel and blend with energies in a vaster way is delightful.

To assure balance and safety, and assure yourself of feeling energized, always bring energy into your heart and channel from your heart.

When an individual channels from their solar plexus or power center, they open their energy to all kinds of vibrations. If you bring the energy into your heart and channel from your heart vibration, you will attract energies that vibrate with qualities of light and love.

As you connect with your delightful spiritual guide, your guide can actually become the mouth piece for other vibrations. If you feel that you have a strong relationship with your spirit helpers, ask them to be the translator. They are most often capable of conveying knowledge from a variety of energies.

I feel that your vessel, your being, your nature is a receiver and that you have the capability to speak for a collective (group of entities) that wishes to bring forth knowledge. Your nature is desiring to share in this vibration. Play with possibilities and be open. Recognize that you are just blending with what is already there. You are expanding your nature and becoming more conscious. This is delightful. Utilize your heart's skill and the understanding that you have with your spirit guide. See who shows up as you communicate through your heart.

Always ask for essential information. Always ask to be grounded in love and light. Always ask that only highest good for all comes through.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. I feel that you are ready and that your next steps are just a matter of intention. All will be well. Thank you so much.