Taking a Personal Inventory

Question: Can you offer me career guidance as to what my ideal career might be--one that connects me to Universal Abundance and is perfect for my life circumstances? Thank you!

Answer: Dear one your question is delightful and very appreciated.

First of all, you know many people end up in careers that others have expressed they would be good at. It is much like, when a small child or a girl wonders what she is going to do when she grows up, and someone says, "Oh, you are such a caring and loving person. You would be good at doing something where others would benefit from your kindness."

What comes from the listening to the direction of others in a case such as this -- for many women -- they find themselves doing humanitarian types of work.

What Alana wishes to do, is to also broaden your scope on what is possible. Instead of thinking about how others have directed you, how about going within your nature and asking this question:

"If I could do anything in the world tomorrow and money was not a object, what perhaps would it be?"

Go on an exploration and explore this question as you would as a child.

  • Remember the things that you enjoyed.
  • Examine what was fun for you and what occupied a lot of your attention.

Begin here! Begin to dwell within your nature and find qualities within yourself that were easy to express because they brought you joy. Then look back into the outer world and look at vocations, and look at job situations, and look at possibilities that could bring some of these qualities.

As you do this you will begin to notice that there is much possibility.

Take some time and continue this discovery process.

Next, turn this energy of possibility over to the universe. Tell the universe that you want these qualities, and list them. Express the qualities. Do not try to see them in any one job description. Let the universe do the arranging for you.

Let the universe bring the descriptions to you that would encompass the qualities you chose.

You are declaring the qualities that you would like to have your career contain but keep your being open. Keep your vision tuned.

Now if doubt comes in, embrace it and say:

"Oh, I have doubt today. That is grand because it is going to point me back to what I wish to discern."

Then empower what you want by bringing the doubt into your heart. Breath, and empower your ideal. Keep this cycle of discovery and reflection up as it will help you manifest a wonderful career direction.

Sometimes it takes a day or two to do this exercise. Sometimes it takes a month. Sometimes it takes a year. It all has to do with the amount of clarity you bring into your nature. It has to do with how honest you can be with yourself and also how much you can trust the universe to formulate your ideal career and bring options forth.

How much can you let go of the control, or the way you think these qualities should fit into a particluar job.

This is a way to manifest an ideal career purpose. Your humanitarian aspects will continue to follow you. Instead they will be in an environment where you are grandly appreciated and where your self worth will be mirrored back to you.

This is what Alana wishes for you and Alana can feel that this is what you also wish for within your heart.

Thank you for your beautiful question. Alana feels it is one that will benefit many and it is greatly appreciated.