Turning a Craft into a Business

Question: I "channel" clay sculptures for others with the intent to help heal some aspect of their lives. I have recently moved to a new area and I am considering trying to make a living doing this. Is this the right time and place? Can I make a living working with this craft? Will I be given direction on best how to market this creative business? Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for your question dear one.

What is behind your success is your enthusiasm. Continue to channel your energy, continue to channel life force energy through you, and continue to be the channel that you are. You will find that your clay sculptures are a beginning place. Alana senses that this will begin to create momentum in your being and that your abilities will bridge into other forms. Stay true to your creativity. Follow your heart. Your nature is there to touch many people and bring them into contact, into consciousness and into awareness with what lies within them.

Alana wishes to encourage you to pursue this expression. Also feel within yourself what would bring you the greatest joy, what would assist you in feeling secure, and what would bring you reward. This will fuel your enthusiasm and you will be successful. Success comes directly from enthusiasm. If you are not having fun success will be short lived.

Hopefully, dear one, this will give you some encouragement and give you some fuel. Perhaps it will give you a way to check into your nature from time to time and see if you are on track. I also sense that you are very creative and multi-skilled. In other words, there is more than one thing that brings you joy. Continue to explore yourself and your nature. See where your being leads you. You are on a delightful journey. Your energy is wide and vast and your channel wishes to deepen.

Thank you, dear one.