Finding Your Life Purpose

Question: Dear Alana, I suppose I am looking for more clear and specific directions as to what to do now with regard to my life purpose. I am a nurse, but have never felt any passion with nursing. Do I stay home with my little ones? I don't know what I am supposed to do.

Answer: Thank you for your question, dear one. Alana feels that your nature is in a transition. You have your baby beings, and you have the elements of nursing that are another form of contributing to the world. Alana senses, when I feel your nature, that your children bring you joy and that there is a desire to spend time with them. Alana also feels that in your nursing environment you are giving much of yourself in the same way as when you come home and you give to your children. So, what I feel is that a part of you is feeling left out. A great part of you is giving, but what are you receiving that fuels your mind's desire to learn, to expand its knowledge?

Yes, you gain much knowledge by being a mother, and you have grand rewards for the love that is exchanged. However, there is a part in you that is feeling it would like some fulfillment and some stimulation that would come through learning something or embracing a quality that you have yet to explore in your life.

Perhaps you could take some time to be an investigator. Investigate you! Investigate your nature and the "what ifs." In other words, go inside of yourself and say:

"What if I could have an ideal job?"

"What would it be like?"

"What if I could do something in my life where I would feel that I am making a grand difference?"

"What would it be like?"

"What if I could have deep fulfillment within my soul, within my body, within my mind, and within my emotions?"

"What would it be like?"

Get in touch with your senses, and begin to feel the possibilities that could come from your nature. Begin to investigate you, and you will have a grand discovery. What you learn will point you in a direction. Recognize that you have time, so this is not something you have to do overnight. It is a journey, a beautiful journey. Through these exercises, the journey will support you in the delightful transition that you are in. I do feel that you will align with your life purpose.

Go on a journey and discover your heart within. Discover what it would be like to live your life purpose. Rest assured that your baby beings will be enriched by your discoveries. Thank you, dear one.