Job Change to Business at Home, or Otherwise?

Question: I am wondering if now is the time to make either a job change or to consider seriously starting a home business career? Which brings me to the question of what kind of businesses would I be good at, especially if I work from home as I examine the best home based businesses? I don't want to rule out working for someone else either, if that would utilize my life skills and still give me the growth I desire.

Answer: Hello dear one, thank you so much for bringing your question to Alana. Alana is delighted to connect with you at this time in your life and share a few tips on career development as you research home based businesses and career options.

It feels that you are ready and eager to begin a new cycle. Your nature is at a place where it has perfected much knowledge. Your nature has gained many resources, which are within you, and are now eager to move into new frontiers. You are at a point that may feel like you are crossing a bridge. You may find yourself bridging from one opportunity into another for a period of time before you fully gain your next direction. Recognize that you have much knowledge within you. Within that knowledge, a certain vibration exists. Sometimes it takes a period of time stepping out of ones current vibration before getting a clear sense of what it is that would excite you and also be stimulating and rewarding.

Take time in your week to step out of your current vibration, ponder, and experiment with ideas. Really dream and fantasize about possibility. By doing this, you won't carry over the full vibration of the present into the new endeavor. I hope you get what I mean. What I am trying to say is there is nothing wrong with where you are at presently. I am encouraging you to get a sense of your independent identity in a fresh new way. This way you will gain a sense of your resources and the possibilities of where your resources could be applied. You may find yourself doing something quite different from what you are doing now. I sense you are wanting to step into a new vibration that eventually will be quite rewarding. I do feel this is quite possible. What Alana is attempting to convey is to give you first steps to begin initiating movement as well as give you encouragement.

What your initialize will come from looking at your life in a fresh way and seeing how your resources can move in many directions. Alana wishes for you to really go within yourself and ask yourself,

"What are the things I really enjoy?

What are the things that I feel I am good at?

What is within my heart that I would really like to contribute to the world before I leave this world?"

This should give you some great clues to begin to fuel this wondeful process.

Also, remember another valuable tool that helps us understand our personal cycles and timing of events in our life, is Numerology. That is a possible option for you if your mind is still curious about the timing of cycles. It may give you some insight into the bridge I am sensing. So, good luck to you, however luck is the blessings that you create along the way.

I thank you so much for your question. It has been delightful to communicate with you.